Autumn risk management guidance

Welcome to autumn

What are the key risks that you and your business could face during the autumn? From dangerous driving conditions caused by the weather to making sure modifications to outdoor areas are as safe as possible, seeing how prepared you are for the potential challenges of the season will help you to protect your business from the elements this autumn.

Chris Andrews, Director of Risk Management Solutions

"As we approach the autumn months, businesses may face additional pressures. The economic climate, rising inflation, supply chain disruption and the increased risk of underinsurance will be front of mind for all. With the usual changing weather patterns and other risks this season brings, we hope our guidance will help you continue to protect your people and your business".

Autumn weather

As the weather starts to turn, higher winds and greater risk of rain damage could impact a business’s property, contents, production processes and ability to trade. Assessing the risks to your property may help you prepare for any bad weather, including storms or floods. 

Building enclosures, balconies, terraces and outside heating

Cooler nights and the need to protect people from wet weather leads businesses to look at modifications to their outdoor areas. Managing this change is important - changing layouts, adding enclosures, decorative elements, heaters, lighting or other arrangements may introduce new risks to a building and the people who use it.

Engineering inspection

It's important to make sure your equipment is safe and ready. Don't rely on your statutory inspection regime. For example, it's essential to maintain your boiler before the winter period when you'll rely upon it the most. Your inspections should be carried out by competent, independent people.

Escape of water

When the weather starts to cool down after a hot summer, many of us start to use our heating systems more often and this could uncover potential issues. Any building with plumbing, waste systems, heating systems, cooling systems or fixed water installations are at risk of damage from the escape of water. 

Road traffic collisions

Autumn brings fallen leaves, colder weather, rain, lower sun, frosts and longer periods of darkness – all of which can impact driver performance and contribute to an increase in road traffic collisions. It's important to report motor incidents right away - we've created videos for business owners and drivers on this topic.

Slips, trips and falls

Wet weather and damp autumn leaves increase the risks of slips, trips and falls - both inside and outside your premises. The injuries caused by slips, trips and falls not only affect the individuals involved, but could also mean losses for your business – through customer claims, employee absence and bad publicity.

Vulnerable road users

'Vulnerable road user' is a collective term used to describe groups such as pedestrians, cyclists, motor cyclists, horse riders and e-scooter riders. During the autumn months we experience darker evenings and a change in weather with increased rain, fog, high winds and low sun, all of which can affect all road users especially those less visible to drivers. Learn about sharing the road safely with vulnerable road users in our video.

Help minimise risks with our Specialist Partners

We have a wealth of experience in helping customers protect their business. As well as insurance, we provide a vast offering of other products and services to help prevent accidents and losses. As an Aviva policyholder, these products and services are available to you at preferential rates, helping you reduce risk in your business. From fire to escape of water, security to motor, health and safety to business resilience – all our partners have an established pedigree in the risk management sector.

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