Bureau Veritas

Inspection and testing of electrical vehicle charging points

We can provide inspection and testing of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points through our Specialist Partner, Bureau Veritas.

Like any fixed electrical installation, Duty Holders are required under the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 (EAWR) to ensure the safety of EV charging points. This includes maintaining systems to prevent, so far as is reasonably practicable, any danger to employees, visitors or other persons.

In addition to the EAWR, there are a number of other documents used for guidance and to demonstrate compliance. These include:

-BS7671 Requirements for Electrical installations - Section 722 – Electric Vehicle charging installations

-Guidance Notes including GN3 (IET) - 18th Edition

-Code of practice for Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Installations (IET)


  • Inspection and testing programmes to help ensure the electrical safety and compliance of EV charging points
  • Bureau Veritas recommends formal periodic inspecting and testing every 6 months, with a robust series of checking in place for daily users


  • Maintain compliance with workplace and electrical safety legislation
  • Identify faults earlier and ensure longevity and safety of assets