Driver Wellbeing and Training

Helping your business improve driver wellbeing and identify at-risk drivers

The safety and wellbeing of your drivers is pivotal to the safe and efficient operation of a fleet. It’s essential that your driver training is relevant to the driver, the vehicle, and the operation. This begins at the start of employment, and continues with regular targeted training and development, supported by coaching. We can provide the latest guidance on devising focused training from using technology output data, in-vehicle training and assessments as well as providing support in the identification and management of stress, anxiety, drug and alcohol use, and fatigue.

Did you know?


of work-related illnesses within transport and storage
is attributed to stress, anxiety and depression*1


increase in prosecutions for drink or drug
 driving offences in 2019*2

Our Specialist Partners to help manage your driver wellbeing and training risks

Drive iQ

Driver Safety and Wellbeing Programme

Drive iQ equips drivers with a range of practical strategies to improve their safety and wellbeing, whilst reducing fuel use and emissions.


Behavioural Driver Safety Programme

DriverMetrics® reduces the risk of work-related crashes via its scientifically validated Driver Risk Index™ assessments, eLearning and driver coaching solutions. By accurately identifying the behavioural causes of individual driver risk with the Driver Risk Index™ assessment and selecting from a range of coaching interventions - including eLearning - to change identified high risk behaviours.

D.tec International Ltd

Drug and Alcohol Screening

D.tec are a drug and alcohol screening company offering a variety of services including drug and alcohol policy draft and consultation, drug and alcohol awareness courses for management and employees, product training courses, supply of DrugWipe onsite drug screener, supply of UK Home Office approved breathalysers and a legally defensible drug confirmation testing service.


In-Vehicle Cameras, Telematics and a Cloud Hosting Platform

Services include in-vehicle cameras, VUEmatics integrated camera and telematics, driver behaviour reporting, Driver Scores mobile app, tracking devices, first notification of loss, analysis of other companies’ telematics data, lone working systems, training and a multimedia hosting platform.

Services available from our Specialist Partners

DriverMetrics – Driver Risk Index


Access to the ability to identify and change high-risk driver behaviours within your current and future employees. Using the most scientifically validated driver risk assessment will enable your business to accurately identify the contributing behavioural and situational risk factors of your drivers and then use the results to implement targeted countermeasures and interventions to change high-risk behaviours and help reduce the risk of crash involvement of your workforce.

VUE in-vehicle cameras and telematics


Access to in-vehicle camera footage and telematics analytics to gain insight into how your fleet behaves, identify the areas of highest risk, and understand the risks drivers are exposed to and why. Display telematics and claims data in easy-to-understand charts providing contextualised information, such as road type and highway code infractions, that identifies the link between driver behaviour and claims performance. This enables your business to provide targeted interventions.

Driver Safety and Wellbeing Programme


A multi-platform driver safety and wellbeing programme that incorporates a self-reflective questionnaire, risk scoring and coaching modules covering a range of issues, including minimising distractions, handling fatigue to improve hazard monitoring and dealing with frustrations. Following completion of the core programme drivers receive monthly updates including further micro modules and topical advice. 

Drug and Alcohol screening and guidance


Access to purchase breathalysers and drug wipes that will enable your business to implement onsite, a drug and alcohol non-intrusive screening of your safety critical employees and prospective employees. Along with guidance on developing a drug and alcohol policy, awareness training for management and employees enabling your business to make the roads a safer place.

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