Hot work risk management guidance

Hot work includes any activity which generates or requires the use of flame, heat or sparks for example gas and electric welding. Working with any source of ignition – particularly if there are other flammable materials in proximity – increases the risks of significant damage to property and serious or even fatal injuries. Hot work should be a last resort option when other methods of completing the task have been ruled out. At Aviva, our proactive approach to risk management allows us to help our customers mitigate the risks of hot work more effectively. Detailed on this page includes guidance and advice on how to reduce the risk of a fire when undertaking hot work, we advise you to adopt an appropriate hot work permit, you can find our template below along with a checklist to ensure all appropriate precautions are considered.  

"Over the course of my career, I have been involved with many fire losses caused by hot work. There still exists a failure to learn from the numerous incidents that occur and, in my view, it's a completely avoidable cause of fire.”

Chris Andrews, Director of Risk Management Solutions

Hot works guidance

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