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Agency Drivers

Agency drivers

Many companies use agency drivers on occasions. When you start to use an agency their performance is unknown. A good agency will be party to the REC/FTA/RHA Joint code of good practice for agency drivers joint code of good practice

Things to consider to get the best from agency drivers:

Agency worst practice

  • Poor safety, fuel use and vehicle care 
  • No clear written policies 
  • Taking work on at very low rates 
  • Very limited assessment and training 
  • Using dangerous 'multi-registered drivers' 
  • Keeping no records or performance data

Agency recommendations

  • Set clear written policies 
  • Work in partnership with clients 
  • Clearly understand client's requirement 
  • Focus on quality and value 
  • Have comprehensive driver selection process 
  • Provide drivers with firm procedures 
  • Obtain relevant quality marks

Client worst practice

  • No advanced planning of staff needs 
  • No developing/ applying written policy
  • Playing off agencies against each other 
  • Calling agency at the last possible minute 
  • Not paying the agency a fair rate 
  • Not properly assessing drivers 
  • Giving drivers /agency minimal guidelines

Client recommendations - Advice to Senior Management

  • Consult operational / depot managers 
  • Take 'holistic approach' when setting policy 
  • Agree terms and conditions with agency 
  • Longer term planning of labour needs 
  • Pay a fair rate to get high quality staff 
  • Ensure regular audits and feedback

Client recommendations - Advice to Operational Management

  • Always buy on quality and value 
  • Systematic recruitment / training procedures 
  • Give clear and realistic requirements 
  • Treat all agency / employed drivers equally 
  • Keep and use detailed operational statistics 
  • Provide drivers with regular feedback

Overall recommendations

  • Develop partnership approach 
  • Plan ahead as much as possible 
  • Set and implement agreed procedures 
  • Give clear operational instructions

You may find the Agency Drivers Questionnaire useful to assist you in managing agency drivers

Useful Motor Risk Templates are available for you to download free of charge - visit our ‘Tools and Templates' section.

For more information on useful products and services to help you manage your vehicles and drivers please view our Specialist Partners

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This document contains general information and guidance and is not and should not be relied on as specific advice. The document may not cover every risk, exposure or hazard that may arise and Aviva recommend that you obtain specific advice relevant to the circumstances. AVIVA accepts no responsibility or liability towards any person who may rely upon this document.

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