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Vehicle Security

Company vehicles and/or their loads are a prime target for theft

The following section contains information that you may find helpful in creating a vehicle security policy.

Vehicle theft

The methods of vehicle theft are changing as vehicle security improves. Theft of new vehicles is in decline, whereas theft from vehicles is on the increase. Thieves are targeting older vehicles, devising ways of obtaining keys and creating opportunities to drive away unlocked vehicles.

Examples of this trend include:

  • Older vehicle theft due to poor security devices 
  • Theft of unlocked vehicles from petrol station forecourts etc 
  • Key theft or 'fishing' at domestic premises 
  • Fraudulent access to hire and courtesy cars 
  • Theft of demonstration cars 
  • High jacking of vehicles at traffic lights, intersections etc
  • Theft of valuables (notably laptop computers) from car boots at Motorway service stations.

Within your driver's handbook it is recommended that you provide guidance to employees to help prevent them becoming victims of vehicle theft.

Thatcham Security Device Categories

Thatcham, the Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre, assess both new car factory fitted devices and after market devices and publish the results in their national listings

Thatcham have defined a number of categories for vehicle security equipment ranging from wheel locking nuts through to After Theft Tracking Systems.

In each category, third party security products have been evaluated against "The British Insurance Industry's Criteria for Vehicle Security", using specific tests to indicate the effectiveness of the product. The product listing is updated as and when new security systems are judged to have successfully complied with the Criteria. Each product is subject to a review after 12 months

Find out more Thatcham Category Listings

New vehicles

Most new vehicles are now fitted with the minimum protection of a Thatcham category 2 immobiliser (see above), and in many cases an immobiliser and alarm. Thatcham, assesses new car factory fitted devices and after market devices and publishes the results in their national listing. The listing includes:-

  • Passenger Cars 
  • Light Commercial Vehicles 
  • Heavy Commercial (May also be referred to as LGV Large Goods) Vehicles 
  • Plant 
  • Motorcycles

After Market Devices

In the rare event that an aftermarket device may be required to improve security on a new vehicle then it is important to ensure that the device fitted provides the most effective level of protection available, as a consequence we suggest that only systems that have met the Thatcham criteria are used.

For further safeguards it should be ensured that:-

  • The correct category of device is fitted to the vehicle i.e. diesel device for a diesel engine etc 
  • That it is fitted by a Thatcham Recognised Installer
  • That a certificate of installation is produced stamped by the Thatcham Recognised Installer

Vehicle Tracking Systems

There are a multitude of vehicle tracking and telematics systems on the market and with technological advances moving ahead at such a pace the situation for motorists when choosing a system to protect their vehicle can often be quite daunting.

Thatcham have devised two main categories of tracking systems based on stringent technical specifications:

  • Cat 5 After Theft System for Vehicle Recovery 
  • TQA Tracking Systems

Find out more about Thatcham Cat 5 and TQA compliant systems 


Telematics is the term given to the technology that enables remote access to vehicle data over a wireless network, enabling precise vehicle positioning and monitoring of vehicle movements, including driver behaviour along with a range of other logistical management functions.

Certain telematics systems may offer some tracking functionality but, should not be confused with tracking systems which are specifically designed for after theft recovery of stolen vehicles.

For more information about vehicle security

Useful Motor Risk Templates are available for you to download free of charge - visit our ‘Tools and Templates' section.

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This document contains general information and guidance and is not and should not be relied on as specific advice. The document may not cover every risk, exposure or hazard that may arise and Aviva recommend that you obtain specific advice relevant to the circumstances. AVIVA accepts no responsibility or liability towards any person who may rely upon this document.

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