Aviva Flex-pertise™

Give your employees the final say with their flexible benefits

What is Aviva Flex-pertise?

Put simply, Aviva Flex-pertise will allow your staff to take control of their employee benefits. You can select a basic package that’s true to your company values. And then your employees will be able to increase or reduce the cover you’re offering to suit their needs. From additional income if they can’t work for a while due to illness or injury, to supporting loved ones in the event of death, Aviva Flex-pertise can help.

This video explains how Aviva Flex-pertise works for you and your employees.


Aviva Flex-pertiseTM is the UK market leader for Group Protection flexible benefits.

We believe our solutions, scale and strength helped us to pole position.

Together we can help you build strong relationships with employers and employees: understanding the what, when and how for flex benefits.

It all begins with establishing trust.

Trusting employees to know what’s important to them so they can make the right decisions to protect them and their loved ones.

Employees who feel trusted and listened to, are happier and better engaged with the business.

In turn, these employees are more productive and more likely to stick around. And that’s where flex benefits really count.

Flex benefits give employees choice and appeal to the whole workforce, irrespective of age.

Employers can trust their people to make the flex choices that are right for them.

And in turn, advisers need a product provider for their clients they can trust.

Each employee is different and will need varying levels of financial protection at different times in their lives.

So that’s why we developed Aviva Flex-pertiseTM – the UK’s first choice for Group Protection flex benefits.

We’ve been involved in the flex benefits market for nearly 20 years, and we work with some of the largest employers in the UK.

Our trademark sets the standard for Group Protection flexible benefits, leading the market and not following.

We understand how flex programmes have the potential to add value to different types of businesses, so we invest a great deal of time at the implementation stage, to understand what each employer needs.

We provide direct access to a dedicated flex administration team, and to an Account Manager and sales support consultant to make sure employers have what they want when they need it.

In addition we have dedicated flex sales specialists who provide technical support and guidance.

Our flex processes give employers the type of ongoing support you’d expect…

With a range of benefits including award-winning products, Aviva Flex-pertise provides more than just financial protection, with the inclusion of a number of added value services.

And our streamlined processes make things easy for everyone.

As we build relationships with employers we get to know their business and understand their needs, constantly seeking to build solutions that are unique and relevant to employees.

It’s a matter of perspective. Adding value to different business models with flexible benefits means…

looking at each company through a wide-angle lens…

…because the bigger picture can be more important than one single benefit.

All these reasons demonstrate why you can trust Aviva Flex-pertiseTM

For more information contact your Aviva Group Protection Account Manager or visit Aviva-for-advisers.co.uk

You can use Aviva Flex-pertise with these policies:

  • Group Income Protection
  • Group Life cover
  • Spouse/Partner Life Assurance cover
  • Group Critical Illness
  • Spouse/Partner Critical Illness cover*
  • Children’s Critical Illness cover (including cover for child-specific conditions)*

*Spouse/Partner and Children’s Critical Illness cover are only available if you or your employees choose Group Critical Illness.

To get Aviva Flex-pertise, you'll need to speak to your financial adviser or your Aviva account manager if you have one. And then they can get in touch with us.

Why choose Aviva Flex-pertise?

We're always here to help when you and your employees need it most.

Flexible cover

Our protection policies fit around your business and your employees' needs.

Expert assistance

From set-up to asking us for help with a scheme, our dedicated team will support you whenever you need it.

Protect their loved ones

Our policies help look after your employees and their loved ones if the worst should happen.

Easy to manage

We'll take care of starting your chosen company benefits scheme, right down to paying your employees' claims.

What are the benefits?

See how our flexible employee benefits can work for you and your team.

For you

  • Offer more than just a competitive salary

    So you can give your employees something extra to support their lifestyle.

  • Get them involved

    Engage your employees so they know the company benefits they could receive with Aviva Flex-pertise.

  • Stand out from other employers

    Let your new and existing employees choose a package that's different to your competitors.

  • Manage your costs

    Choose the core level of cover you want to offer and how much you'll contribute.

For your employees

  • Cover they want

    Let them choose the right employee benefits to suit their lifestyle and budget.

  • Cover for the family

    They can also protect their spouse/partner, and we'll cover children under our Group Critical Illness policy.

  • Control of their benefits

    We'll let them change their benefits if their personal circumstances change at the anniversary date.

  • Support when they need it

    We'll give them access to a second medical opinion, 24/7 contact with BACP accredited counsellors, health advice and more.

Choose the cover you want to offer

You can tailor the policy you want to meet your business, employees’ and their family’s needs. With Aviva Flex-pertise, you can get cover for policies of 250 lives and above. Or 100 lives for Group Life when you choose a core level of this cover.

Group Income Protection Group Life Spouse/Partner Life Assurance Group Critical Illness
Minimum core benefit (selected and paid for by the employer) 35% of salary 1 x salary paid as a lump sum payment No core benefit required No core benefit required
Maximum benefit levels available 80% of salary or £425,000 – whichever is lower 15 x salary £250,000 £500,000 or 5 x salary – whichever is lower*
Aviva Flex-pertise step options for employees 80%, 75%, 66% or 50% of salary, plus the option to increase the benefit payment term. Increases of 2, 3 or 4 x salary Steps of £10,000 or £25,000 Steps of £10,000 or £25,000
Benefit type Monthly benefit or lump sum payment** Lump sum payment Lump sum payment Lump sum payment

*For Spouse/Partner Critical Illness, the maximum benefit available is £250,000 or the amount selected by the employee if lower. And for Children’s Critical Illness, it’s 25% of the value of an employee’s benefit – up to a maximum of £20,000.
**Lump sum benefit payments on Group Income Protection are only covered on core benefit and are payable at the end of a chosen limited payment term should the employee continue to meet the definition of incapacity.

Extra benefits

Most of our extra benefits are free for your employees and they’ll come with one of our Group Protection policies. But others are an add-on provided by our partners at a discounted rate for you and your employees.

Group Income Protection Group Life Spouse/Partner Life Assurance Group Critical Illness
Best Doctors® Not included Not included Not included Included
RedArc Not included Not included Not included Included
Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) Included Not included Not included Not included
Bereavement helpline Not included Included Included Not included
Stress helpline Not included Included Included Included

Please note that all extra benefits and customer discounts included under our cover are non-contractual benefits and can be withdrawn at any time without notice. For the full range of cover provided under Aviva Flex-pertise, please see our 'Your Guide to Aviva Flex-pertise' brochure below.

Still need some help?

If you’d like to offer Aviva Flex-pertise employee benefits or you have any questions or queries, please speak to your financial adviser. Or simply get in touch with your Aviva Group Protection account manager if you have one and we’ll be happy to help.

0800 145 5684

Our lines are open Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm.

Other business cover

Group Life Assurance

We'll give your employees' loved ones financial and emotional support when they need it most.

Group Income Protection

We’ll help your business and your employee financially if there’s a long-term absence due to illness or injury. And we’ll help them return to work.

Group Critical Illness

We’ll pay your employees a lump sum to help with expenses if they’re diagnosed with a critical illness, or undergo an operation, covered by the policy.