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  • Would you like to reduce costs to your business?
  • Is it renewal time, are you thinking about switching provider?
  • Could we offer benefits that would help you, your employees, and your business?

We think that value-for-money has never been more important for companies like yours with up to 249 employees. So we encourage you to consider switching your health insurance to Solutions, which is a product with tangible added value benefits. Solutions could also help your employees improve their health and, as a result, when you switch to Aviva your business could benefit from lower absenteeism costs, too.

We know that high quality service and flexibility are also considerations. So, providing you can send us your current provider's membership certificate, there will be no medicals involved. On these pages you'll find information about saving time, saving money, and moving or switching your health insurance to Aviva.

FAQs about switching

Some of the questions we're asked most often…

Helping you switch to Aviva

Information to reassure you that it's a simple process…

Why switch to Aviva?

We're committed to offering value-for-money, flexible, effective healthcare…

BacktoBetter FAQs

If you have any questions around our BacktoBetter service we answer them here…

We're happy to help

Speak to your financial adviser, or call us to find out more quoting GWA DQR. Alternatively, ask us to call you back with more information about Solutions.

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