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Whether you're in a business of 1,000 employees with dedicated HR support or you're a small, family run business employing five people, understanding how someone might think or act differently in the workplace because of a condition or disability is invaluable. 

Most people with a neurodivergent condition will fall somewhere on a spectrum and some may have more than one condition. Each condition has a range of symptoms, which can vary from person to person. We've produced some bite-sized guides on three of the more common conditions to help you support neurodiverse employees in your workplace.

Supporting your neurodiverse teams

Debbie Bullock, Aviva's Wellbeing Lead gives us the lowdown on how businesses can support a neurodiverse workplace.

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Led by Lexxic, leaders in the field of neurodiversity, hear insights and stories that will help you to support individuals and allow them to thrive.

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