Finding your footing with shifting views within the workplace

Our latest report explores employers and employees perspectives on their workplace, wellbeing and planning for retirement.

Download the report to discover more on:

  • Post pandemic workplaces: are beliefs on flexible working shifting?
  • Cost-of-living crisis: how are financial challenges of the past year affecting employees and employers?
  • Planning for retirement: how are employers helping their employees look forward to their retirement?
  • Workplaces as a force for good: how are workplaces positively shaping society today?  

Working Lives Report 2023

Fit for Future

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Facts and figures at your finger tips

72% of employees said the cost-of-living crisis has made them feel more anxious about their finances

79% of employees would like more support from their employer about planning for a financially comfortable retirement

74% of employees think it's important to have climate-friendly policies in the workplace

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