Existing customers

Company policies

These pages are for you if you're an employee with membership of a company (or 'group') scheme. If you're a Group Adminstrator, (the person who administers your company's scheme) then the details you'll need are on our Group Administrators' page.

As an employee, you should find all the information you need in your policy documents. On these pages, we've listed some useful contact numbers and details about making a claim. If you're an employee with cover under a very large corporate scheme, then it may be easier to find information about your company's specific policy details on your company's intranet – or by speaking to your Group Administrator.

Private health insurance

Helpful information about private health insurance for employees.

Health cash plan

Helping you with the costs of day-to-day healthcare.

International health insurance

Helping you get treatment and care, wherever you are.

24/7 stress counselling helpline

Get access to around-the-clock confidential help.

Managing company policies

Information about Group Protection products, Occupational Health and company policies.

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