Health insurance compliments and complaints

We believe that constructive comments can help us continually improve our products and services.


We're always delighted to pass on compliments to the people you've had contact with, and it's your satisfaction that contributes to our measure of success.

So, when you enjoy outstanding service, we'd love to hear about it.. You can write directly to the person you have been in contact at the address below:

Aviva Health UK Limited
Chilworth House
Hampshire Corporate Park
Templars Way
SO53 3RY.


If we haven't performed as well as you expected, then one of our first priorities is to find out how we can do better. We have teams of talented people who take pride in delivering an excellent service and, although we can make mistakes, we will try to make sure that every concern is addressed promptly and professionally. If you have a concern, then this is what we will do:

  • We'll forward your concern to the right person
  • We'll be in touch with you as soon as we can to let you know what will happen next
  • We'll guarantee to treat your complaint fairly
  • And when we've dealt with your complaint, we'll see what we can learn from your experience

If something's not right, you can use our online form to give us constructive feedback straight away. The following link will take you to our online form and our complaints process:

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