Private health insurance

We want to help you find what you're looking for quickly, so this page has the answers to general questions that scheme members ask us. More information can be found in your member pack, which was given to you by your Group Administrator. They are usually the best person to provide specific details about your company's policy. Or, if your company is large enough to run an intranet system, you may find more information there.

Who is my Group Administrator?

Your Group Administrator is the person who administers the policy on behalf of your company. In a small company, this may be one of your administration team, someone like your company's secretary. In a larger company, it's likely to be a member of your Human Resources department.

I want to call Aviva, not speak to my company. How do I do that?

Every company's policy is slightly different. These details are treated confidentially, which means we can't talk to you about how your company's policy has been set up – you will need to speak to your Group Administrator. But we can help you make a claim, get treatment, and make the most of our services. So if you need help or would like to give us some feedback, you'll find the details below.

How do I make a claim?

It's a 4-step process, that helps you to know which details to have to hand when you call us to make a claim. We've explained it in full in our 4-step claims guide.

I want to comment on your service. How do I do that?

Compliments and complaints

We believe that constructive comments can help us continually improve our products and services.


We're always delighted to pass on compliments to the people you've had contact with, and it's your satisfaction that contributes to our measure of success.

So, when you enjoy outstanding service, we'd love to hear about it.. You can write directly to the person you have been in contact with at the address below:

Aviva Health UK Limited
Chilworth House
Hampshire Corporate Park
Templars Way
SO53 3RY.


If we haven't performed as well as you expected, then one of our first priorities is to find out how we can do better. We have teams of talented people who take pride in delivering an excellent service and, although we can make mistakes, we will try to make sure that every concern is addressed promptly and professionally. If you have a concern, then this is what we will do:

  • We'll forward your concern to the right person
  • We'll be in touch with you as soon as we can to let you know what will happen next
  • We'll guarantee to treat your complaint fairly
  • And when we've dealt with your complaint, we'll see what we can learn from your experience

If something's not right, you can use our online form to give us constructive feedback straight away. The following link will take you to our online form and our complaints process:

Where can I find information about income tax liabilities?

Under current UK tax rules, the contribution that’s paid to us for your inclusion on the policy arises from your employment and is therefore a taxable benefit. Please contact your group administrator if you require further information. Insurance Premium Tax is included in the premium at the appropriate rate.

What should I do if I'm leaving my company?

If you leave your company, then your cover stops immediately. We want to continue giving you and your family the peace of mind that comes with private health insurance, so we've explained some of the ways we can help on our leaving your company page.

Where can I find details about my gym discount?

You can take advantage of this offer all year round, with up to 25% off gyms around the country. All the details you need are on our Get Active website. Log in using your reference code HCGCOR and start making the most of this great benefit, straight away!

What is the stress counselling helpline number?

For stress counselling, please call 0800 158 3349.

You can call this number day or night, 365 days a year. This line is confidential and no one at your company will know the details of your call.

The 24-hour stress counselling helpline provides confidential advice and guidance, helping you deal with whatever’s been on your mind.

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