Public Liability Insurance

Cover for injury or property damage claims

What is public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance will protect your business if you injure a member of the public or if you cause damage to their property. Something as simple as a trip while they are at your business premises, or a scratch to their personal property if you are working in their home, could result in a claim against your business.

Public liability insurance can cover the cost of legal fees and expenses, as well as compensation claims. This includes the cost of medical treatment and transportation if the NHS chooses to make a claim against your business following an accident.

Do I need public liability insurance?

It isn’t a legal requirement to have public liability insurance, but you need to consider how your business would handle an expensive claim against it if you didn’t have cover in place. If your business deals with the general public then protecting it from potential future claims is essential. So whether clients visit your office or you go to different work sites, it makes good business sense to have public liability insurance.

What does public liability insurance cover?

A public liability insurance policy covers a number of situations – because no two accidents are the same. Ultimately, its purpose is to cover your business if someone is injured by your work, or you’ve caused damage to somebody’s property. Depending on the type of business you run and the amount of interaction you have with the public, the amount of cover you might need will vary.

Why choose Aviva?

Our insurance protects your livelihood so you can focus on running your business.

Tailor-made cover

You can choose the level of cover that suit your needs and then boost your protection with our other business insurance policies.

Up to £5m protection

We'll protect you and your business up to £5 million. So you don't have to pay compensation or legal fees if someone makes a claim.

Quick and easy claims

Making a claim is simple. Our expert UK claims centre will handle it quickly and efficiently once you tell us the info we need to know.

What’s included in public liability insurance from Aviva?

  • Legal defence fees including any compensation you owe. Plus, £500 per day if you need to attend court
  • Injury cover for working partners if your business is a partnership
  • Accidental damage cover for employees and visitors – including vehicles and belongings
  • Free 24/7 legal and tax helpline
  • A dedicated counselling service for your employees

How do I get a quote?

Do you own your own business or have 1 – 9 employees? Get a quick and simple online quote now.

If your business employs more than 9 people, you can get a quote through a broker.

More FAQs

How much cover do I need?

The amount of cover you need depends on the type and size of your business. Our cover starts from £1 million, which you can increase to £2 or £5 million.

Your clients might want you to have a certain level of cover before they work with you. For instance, it’s quite common for a local authority contract to request you have a £5 million limit. But other contracts might not specify an amount. If there isn’t a set amount, you should still think about any risks your work might pose to third parties. And if you could afford the damages.

What if I don't have public liability insurance?

Without public liability insurance in place, you might be responsible for paying compensation if someone sued you for damages. So a customer with water damage in their home could sue a plumber who fitted faulty caps while doing repair work. And because the plumber didn’t have public liability insurance, they’d have to pay the customer.

But with insurance, they could make a claim on their policy and we’d recover the damages – and the plumber would only have to pay the excess. Our insurance also covers damage to equipment or if someone tripped and fell in your premises.

Do I need any other additional business insurance?

Depending on the nature of your business and if you have any employees, you may need additional business insurance. Cover such as buildings and contents insurance, employers’ liability or professional indemnity insurance might be useful.

What doesn’t public liability insurance cover?

Like all insurance policies, there are always things we don’t cover. This includes:

  • Injury to your employees – for that, you’ll need employers’ liability insurance
  • Damages to a product you supplied or work you completed, including the cost or repairing, removing or replacing it. (Also includes work completed on your behalf.)
  • Fines and penalties
  • Claims resulting from viruses, denial of service attacks, or unauthorised access to or use of computer equipment
  • Pollution or contamination
  • Asbestos-related claims
  • Injury or damage as a result of products you supply, other than food and drink, brochures and promotional merchandise, or disposal or office furniture and equipment – excluding homeworkers and tradesmen
  • Any advice, instructions, consultancy, design, inspection, certification or testing, bodily injury or damage to property due to professional neglect, errors, omissions in treatment, medication, certification or advice given if you are a medical profession. Cover for this is available with our professional indemnity insurance
  • Injury or damage from products that you supply other than the sale or supply of proprietary goods that have not been manufactured or altered by you, and are sold unopened in the packaging provided by the manufacturer (surgeries only).
  • Damage that occurs as a result of the fixing or correcting of defective products that you supply, or the cost of recalling them

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