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Late setting up your workplace pension scheme?

It's a good idea to start preparing for auto enrolment before you need to set up your scheme, but we know that often this is easier said than done. If you've left auto enrolment to the last minute or missed your staging date/duties start date altogether, here's what to do to get back on track.

What to do if you’ve missed your staging date/duties start date

Set up your scheme as soon as possible

If you’re already behind with auto enrolment, there’s good reason to get back on track as soon as possible. You’ll need to make up for the months in which you haven’t been compliant with auto enrolment, and any pension contributions that you’ve missed since your staging date will need to be backdated.

Delays could result in escalating fines, and the longer you ignore auto enrolment, the more it may end up costing you.

Contact The Pensions Regulator

The Pensions Regulator is more willing to work with employers who are actively working to meet their auto enrolment duties than those who appear to ignore them. So if you’ve missed your staging date or duties start date, contact them as soon as possible to let them know what you’re doing and when you expect to be able to fulfil your duties. Visit The Pensions Regulator’s website for full contact details – and make sure that you have your company’s PAYE reference to hand when you get in touch.

You’re more likely to be fined or face other penalties if you don’t take any action.

Tell your employees

Let your employees know that their employer pension contributions will be backdated, and to give them details of the workplace pension scheme you’re providing.

You’ll be expected to make up the employer contributions you would’ve normally paid. You’ll also need to tell your employees how you’re going to treat the employee pension contributions that have been missed, as well as decide whether you want to pay the contributions your employees would normally have paid or leave it to them to decide whether they wish to pay the missed contributions.

We recommend seeking legal advice if you’re looking to allow your employees to choose for themselves. This is because The Pensions Regulator may decide that you’re liable to make up the full value of all missed contributions since you didn’t make the necessary arrangements for employee contributions to be deducted from their salaries when they were due.

If you’d like some extra support, it might also be worth speaking to a financial adviser. If you don’t already have one, you can find a financial adviser via Unbiased.

Check your auto enrolment software

Not all types of auto enrolment software are suitable if you’re late for your staging date or duties start date. If you’re not sure whether you’ll get set up in time or if you’re late setting up your scheme, you’ll need to check with your software provider to see if your software will still be fully functional.

What to do if you’ve left it to the last minute

If you’re within six weeks of needing to start up your scheme and you haven’t got a plan in place for starting the auto enrolment process, don’t panic. There’s still time to get back on track – and we can help you get up and running.

How we can help set up a scheme at the last minute

It’s quick and simple to get a quote and apply. In fact, you can find out how much your workplace pension scheme will cost in less than ten minutes. Act now and we can give you the help and support you need to get started.

We provide an easy to use scheme management system, plus handy online tools and all the help and support you need to reduce the hassle of auto enrolment.

Find out more about auto enrolment

Auto enrolment doesn’t have to be challenging. We’ve got all the information you need to get up and running with your workplace pension scheme.

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