Investment Options for Workplace Pensions

Investment options

Our workplace pension gives your employees two main choices over how to invest the money that goes into their pension. They can use our specially designed default investment option, or they can take their pick from our range of over 200 investment funds.

Please remember that the value of employees’ pension pots can go down as well as up, and is not guaranteed. Your employees could get back less than the amount paid in.

The default investment option for the Aviva workplace pension is known as the Future Focus 2 Drawdown Lifestage approach, and has been specially developed to meet the needs of the majority of employees.

When an employee becomes a member of your scheme, their money will be automatically invested into this investment option, unless they specify an alternative. It’s the ideal choice for hands off investors as we handle all the investment decisions involved.

Download our default investment proposition (PDF 1.0MB)

How does it work?

The Future Focus 2 Drawdown Lifestage approach

A visual respresentation of how investments are moved between funds as you approach retirement age.

How we control our default investment approach

The government has issued detailed guidance explaining how default investments used for automatic enrolment should be governed. With the Aviva workplace pension, our fund governance team handles all of this so you don’t have to. We’ll also…

  • Ensure the investment approach is suitable for the majority of automatically enrolled employees and that it meets or exceeds regulatory requirement.
  • Review the approach at least every three years to make sure it’s still suitable
  • Review the performance of underlying funds to check whether they’re performing in relation to their sector and/or benchmark
  • Replace any funds that are not performing as they should
  • Provide members of your scheme with information about the default investment approach