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Regulations in the Gulf region are more complex, particularly when it comes to healthcare. In some cases, policies with certain cover levels are mandatory and are necessary to obtain a visa.

With Gulf Solutions, we've created a policy that's specifically designed to cover employees living or working in Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. For policies that are bought or renewed after 1 March 2015, Gulf Solutions is also available to employees living or working in Bahrain and Jordan.

We have teamed up with local providers in the Gulf region who can make things as easy as possible for your employees – you'll find full details in our Gulf Solutions brochure PDF (2.64MB) (applicable from 1 March 2015) and Gulf Solutions - for employees working in the UAE policy summary (PDF 2.64MB). Emirates Insurance Company provides cover for employees living or working in the UAE.

Changes to regulations in the UAE (excluding Abu Dhabi)

The Dubai Health Authority has recently introduced new legal requirements that apply to new policies, and for renewing policies on a phased basis. Please see our Gulf Solutions Update flyer (PDF 119KB) for details of the changes from 1 October 2015. If you bought or renewed your policy before 1 October 2015, please refer to your Gulf Solutions documentation, visit our existing customer area or contact us. You can rest assured that Gulf Solutions is fully compliant with the new regulations.

There are four levels of cover to choose from: Gulf Solutions 1 could provide all the cover your employees need while they're in the Gulf region. At an extra cost, you may want to choose Gulf Solutions 2, Gulf Solutions 3 or Gulf Solutions 4, to provide additional cover.

Please note: the benefits shown here apply to policies that are bought or renewed after 1 October 2015. If you have bought or renewed your policy prior to 1 October 2015, please refer to your policy documentation, visit our existing customer area or contact us.

Gulf Solutions 1 – your core cover

With an annual benefit limit of US $8m, these benefits are offered across all four Gulf Solutions policies.

In & Day-patient Care

We'll provide cover for accommodation, intensive and high dependency care, nursing care and operating theatre costs.

We'll also cover specialists' fees, diagnostic tests, radiology (such as CT, MRI and PET scans), kidney dialysis, internal prostheses and rehabilitation. If you require additional treatment prescribed by a specialist whilst in hospital such as treatment by a physiotherapist or a dietician, we'll also cover this. These are just some of the In & Day-patient benefits offered by Gulf Solutions. Please download our Gulf Solutions brochure for Companies PDF (2.64MB) for more information.

For employees based in the UAE, please see the Gulf Solutions for employees working in the UAE policy summary (PDF 2.64MB).

International Cancer Pledge

We'll cover all the treatment and palliative care recommended by an oncology specialist. We'll also make things as comfortable as possible after treatment with cover for aftercare, including a contribution towards prostheses and wigs. Please note, stem cell treatment will not be covered.

Out-patient Care

Our core cover includes the key elements of out-patient treatment that your employees would expect from their Gulf Solutions policy, such as consultations with a specialist, diagnostic tests (including MRI and CT scans), minor surgery and out-patient treatment such as physiotherapy. We'll also cover the costs for up to 10 speech therapy sessions referred by a specialist, following a hospital admission for trauma or stroke. Please refer to the Company Gulf Solutions brochure PDF (2.64MB) for more information about the Out-patient benefits included within core cover.

Additional Benefits

Our home nursing benefit levels run for 60 days and complications of pregnancy are covered as standard. However, in some parts of the Gulf, your employees will also need the additional cover provided by our Maternity upgrade option, which provides cover for the more routine costs.

Everyday Healthcare

We include many of the benefits employees expect from their local GP, such as for prescription medication and vaccinations and up to 20 consultations with a doctor per person per year.

Optical benefits are included and we'll cover routine sight examinations and contribute towards the cost of glasses and contact lenses. We will also cover other GP referred treatments out of this benefit, such as a visit to see a physiotherapist or cover towards hormone replacement therapy (benefit limits apply).

Condition Management

Acute phases of chronic or congenital conditions are covered up to US $80,000 and treatment for HIV and AIDS is covered up to US $16,000.

Evacuation and Emergency Assistance

If treatment isn't available locally, we'll arrange for your employees' evacuation to the nearest facility, even if that's in a different country, providing it is medically safe to do so. All Gulf Solutions policies also automatically benefit from a range of repatriation and compassionate travel benefits as standard, giving more cover in the event of family emergencies.

Gulf Solutions 2 – adds Dental care


When you upgrade to Gulf Solutions 2 your employees will have all the benefits included within Gulf Solutions 1, plus they'll receive up to US $2,400 cover for dental costs.

We'll pay towards the cost of routine dental check ups and dentistry, such as X-rays and fillings. We'll also pay towards complex dentistry such as porcelain crowns and caps, extractions and dental surgery, as well as orthodontic treatment for children. Usually, we'll settle bills directly with the dentist.

Gulf Solutions 3 – adds Additional Out-patient & Alternative Therapies

Additional Out-patient & Alternative Therapies

By taking out Gulf Solutions 3, your employees receive all the core benefits in Gulf Solutions 1, plus the dental benefits of Gulf Solutions 2, and get additional support as an out-patient such as psychiatric treatment and out-patient rehabilitation.

They can also benefit from a comprehensive range of alternative therapies such as ayurvedic, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropody, podiatry, osteopathy and chiropractic treatment. We'll pay up to US $4,000.

We'll also include up to five speech therapy sessions for children covered by the policy.

Gulf Solutions 4 – adds Wellbeing


On top of the benefits included in Gulf Solutions 1, when you upgrade to Gulf Solutions 4 we'll include all the benefits of Gulf Solutions 2 and 3, and ‘Wellbeing' – a range of benefits to help your employees stay as healthy as possible.

We'll provide cover towards the cost of routine and physical examinations, such as mammograms, prostate screenings, and cover for hearing and dietician tests. And we'll also cover vaccinations for leisure in addition to business travel. In most cases, we'll settle bills directly with the medical facility.


Gulf Solutions gives you the flexibility to add maternity cover to your policy – whichever tier of cover you choose – either to meet local regulations, or as an optional added value benefit in areas where maternity cover isn't a mandatory requirement.

By adding maternity to your Gulf Solutions policy, your employees & their families will have peace of mind that they'll be covered for pregnancy or childbirth, including pre- and post-natal care. Our maternity option also provides cover for investigations into the cause of infertility. If you add maternity cover to your policy your premium will increase.

New legal requirements provided by the Dubai Health Authority, have meant that like the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi, maternity is a mandatory element for all medical insurance policies in Dubai. As such, if your policy renews or incepts from 1 January 2015 onwards and your employees live or work in the United Arab Emirates, we will include maternity option as appropriate in their cover. This will increase your premium.

What else do you need to know?

Gulf Solutions gives your employees locally compliant medical cover while they're living and working in Kuwait, Oman, Qatar or the United Arab Emirates. From 1 March 2015, you will also be able to cover your employees who are based in Bahrain and Jordan through a Gulf Solutions policy. But, your employees will also be covered under our International Solutions policy, when in other parts of the world.

Our Cancer Pledge

We understand how important it is to provide extensive cover and support at every stage of cancer treatment. Our cancer pledge means we'll cover the treatment and palliative care members need as recommended by an oncology specialist. We also want to make things as comfortable as possible following treatment, so we'll provide cover for aftercare, including money towards the cost of prostheses and wigs. Please be aware that stem cell treatment will not be covered.

Chronic conditions

Most private medical insurance products approve claims for short-term conditions (often referred to as being "acute"). But with Gulf Solutions, your employees will have cover for the routine maintenance of longer term chronic conditions – up to US $32,000 per year (covered in full for residents of the United Arab Emirates in line with local laws).


Please note that all Gulf Solutions policies are underwritten as MHD (Medical History Disregarded), so that pre-existing conditions are covered as long as they meet the terms and conditions of your policy.

What's not covered?

This is a summary of the conditions that aren't covered by Gulf Solutions

Please note, specific mandatory requirements can vary from country to country, so listed exclusions are subject to change.

  • alcoholism, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, solvent abuse and other addictive conditions
  • birth control
  • circumcision (except for new born male residents of the UAE, excluding Abu Dhabi)
  • cosmetic treatment (except following an accident or surgery for cancer)
  • developmental delay of children such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) (except for residents of the UAE, excluding Abu Dhabi)
  • dialysis as part of long term treatment of a chronic condition
  • epidemics
  • experimental treatment (limited benefit may be available)
  • general Practitioner charges (in the UAE this exclusion applies to residents of Abu Dhabi only)
  • genetic conditions (except for residents of the UAE, excluding Abu Dhabi)
  • growth hormone therapy
  • hair loss and dandruff (but we will pay towards the cost of a wig if one is needed due to hair loss caused by cancer treatment)
  • infertility treatment
  • multiple consultations within 24 hours
  • natural disasters such as earthquakes, flood or tornado
  • non-medical services
  • nursing home care
  • professional and hazardous sports injuries
  • psycho-geriatric conditions
  • self-inflicted injury
  • sexually transmitted disease (except treatment for HIV/ AIDS)
  • sleep disorders and sleep problems such as snoring and sleep apnoea
  • stem cell transplants
  • treatment of warts or verrucas (except for residents of the UAE, excluding Abu Dhabi)
  • treatment received in health hydros
  • treatment required as a result of war, terrorism or contamination by radioactivity or chemicals
  • treatment required if it is needed after travelling against medical advice and it is related to the illness or injury for which the advice was given (except for residents of the UAE, excluding Abu Dhabi)
  • weight loss surgery

This is a summary of the exclusions on this policy. Full terms & conditions relevant to your country of residence are available on request.

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