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Group private health insurance

In a company with over 250 employees, you’ll need a private health insurance scheme that’s robust and flexible. Meeting your budgets, looking after your employees’ health, potentially covering different levels of staff, working hard to help you promote well-being 365 days a year – that’s a tall order. But as healthcare experts, we think that Optimum is the answer. Optimum is our private health insurance product for companies looking to cover 250 employees or more. We chose the name ‘Optimum’ for a reason.

Optimum for you:

  • Total flexibility over the options you’d like to offer your workforce
  • Different levels of cover for categories of staff, to help you control costs from the outset
  • Prompt diagnosis for employees, helping them return to work more quickly – reducing absenteeism

Optimum for your employees:

  • Peace of mind
  • A feeling that they’re valued by you, their employer
  • Access to benefits and discounts that they’ll appreciate
  • Prompt access to diagnosis and treatment to help them recover and return to work

Read more about Optimum’s benefits, see how you can flex our product to suit your needs and build a benefits package that your employees will appreciate. Find out more about Optimum and call us today…

What can this policy cover?

See which treatments and care could be covered by Optimum.


Our case management service for back, neck, muscle and joint pain.

Cancer care

Specialist care for the diagnosis that no one expects.

Why choose Aviva?

Our reasons are as straightforward as our healthcare.

FAQs about Optimum

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Making a claim

When you need to make a claim, you’ll have help from experts.

Optimum Access

A lower cost alternative with reduced benefits.

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