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Our cancer pledge

We understand the importance of providing extensive cover and support at every stage of cancer treatment. Our cancer pledge means we’ll cover the cancer treatment and palliative care required, as recommended by your employee's specialist, should they ever have to make a cancer claim.

We also want to make things as comfortable as possible during cancer treatment, so we’ll provide extensive cover for aftercare, including consultations with a dietician, as well as money towards prostheses and wigs.

What is covered for cancer treatment?

The following table shows what is covered for cancer treatment. The cover options selected on your policy will be applied in the normal way for any claims made. Your employees are fully covered when they use our networks or a specialist within our fee guidelines and a hospital on your chosen list. When recommended by a specialist and agreed by us the below treatment is covered. This is just a summary of the cover, for full details please refer to the Solutions policy wording.

If you include one of the reduced out-patient cover limits on your Solutions policy then the monetary limit does not apply to out-patient cancer treatment received after your employee has been diagnosed with cancer.

Cancer treatment

Benefits Cover Notes
Hospital charges for surgery and medical admissions
Specialists’ fees Up to the limits in our specialist fee schedule.
NHS cancer cash benefit £100 per day We pay £100 a day for treatment received as an in-patient or day-patient, £100 for each day you receive out-patient radiotherapy, chemotherapy or blood transfusions or out-patient surgical procedures. £100 for each day you receive intravenous (IV) chemotherapy at home and £100 for each week you are taking oral chemotherapy at home. You won’t be able to claim more than £100 in any one day.
Post surgery services Includes specialist services immediately following surgery, such as consultations with a dietician or stoma nurse.
Radiotherapy and chemotherapy
Bone strengthening drugs (such as bisphosphonates) We pay for bone strengthening drugs when they are being used to treat metastatic bone disease.
Treatment prescribed by your specialist for side effects while you are receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
Wigs Up to £100 We will pay towards the cost of a wig if you need one due to hair loss caused by cancer treatment. This is payable once per member, not per policy year.
External prostheses Up to £5,000 We will pay towards the cost of the first external prosthesis following surgery for cancer.
Stem cell and bone marrow transplants Includes collection, storage and implantation.
Monitoring Up to 10 years
On-going needs, such as regular replacement of tubes or drains Up to five years
Preventative treatment for cancer Only if you have already had treatment for cancer that we have paid for. For example, we’ll pay for a mastectomy to a healthy breast in the event that you’ve been diagnosed with cancer in the other breast.
End of life care: in a hospital if it’s medically necessary
End of life care: donation to a hospice £100 per night, up to £10,000 Each night you’re admitted
End of life care: donation to a hospice £50 per day, up to £10,000 Each day that you’re visited at home by one of their nurses

What is a network?

We’re developing a number of networks of facilities, specialists or other practitioners that we recognise to provide the treatment required for a specific condition or suspected condition.

By creating networks, Aviva has more control over the treatment pathway. This means we can drive better commercial deals, which helps us maintain affordable prices. What’s more, by controlling the treatment pathway we can give our customers greater assurance when it comes to clinical quality and treatment, and ensure that more treatment can be covered before benefits limits are reached.

Our networks are updated frequently as we work to ensure we get the best possible service for our customers. We regularly add or evolve networks, or in the event that a facility/specialist is no longer suitable for a network we may remove them. Please contact our claims team before arranging any treatment.

Contact our claims team on 0800 158 3344. Our lines are open from 8am-8pm Monday to Friday and 8am-1pm on Saturdays.


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