Private health insurance

Why choose Aviva?

The NHS does a great job looking after the nation's health. But when you're self employed you probably don't get sick-pay. You may also want to choose how, when and where you get some treatments, to fit in with your working life. You may want to 'go private', and have the peace of mind that comes with private health insurance. Here are three good reasons why we'd like you to choose Aviva:

We're experts in healthcare...

  • Aviva Health UK is part of the Aviva Group, which is the UK's largest insurance services provider and has strong businesses in selected international markets
  • We have been awarded the title of "Health Insurance Company of the Year" by the Health Insurance Awards for the last six years running. We think it was the unique combination of our people, products and services that helped us win this award.
  • Our teams are passionate about giving you the best possible service. Our products are designed to meet your needs; they're flexible so that you can have the options you want and keep costs under control.

Our policies are straightforward, simple to arrange, and easy to use...

  • Being ill or injured is unpleasant. We know that getting insurance against ill health is unlikely to be the first thing on your mind if you're fit and healthy - but as a sole trader, how would you cope if you're ill and unable to work? We can help. We offer straightforward healthcare, and explain how our policy works hard for you - what it will do and what it won't. Cover can be arranged online or over the phone, whatever's easiest for you. And most importantly we promise that we'll do our best to make sure that everything goes smoothly if you do need to make a claim.

We understand that you're unique. So we'll always treat you like an individual...

  • Nearly one million people already trust us to help them get prompt, private treatment. That's nearly one million unique individuals, each one with a different medical history, and every one entitled to the same excellent standard of care. We're proud of the fact we can help so many people get the care they need and - because you are unique - we'll always treat you as an individual...

Want to find out more?

We're always happy to answer your questions. If you'd like to find out more about the healthcare we can offer to you and your family, you can ask us to call you back. Alternatively, contact us directly on 0800 42 42 42, or get a quote online.

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