Group Protection for SMEs

Group Protection solutions for SMEs

An altogether simpler way to take good care of your employees and your business

Group Protection solutions explained

Aviva’s Group Protection is designed to help businesses of all shapes and sizes, from the very large to the very small. Our comprehensive range of cover includes financial support, alongside important added value services*. We can support your employees, both emotionally and practically, when times are tough.


As a smaller business you are no doubt aware of the impact staff absence can have on your bottom line.

There’s the cost of covering the salary of sick or absent workers, finding and paying for temporary cover if absence is long term, reduced productivity and the added pressure it can put on your employees, their families and sometimes their colleagues.

This is where Aviva Group Protection could help, with solutions designed to financially protect your workforce in the event of long-term illness, injury or death.

Our range of products can be tailored to suit the needs of both your business and your staff, and our protection solution goes much further than a purely financial benefit.

Depending on the protection products you take out, a variety of added value services, such as access to counselling for stress or bereavement, and a second medical opinion are also included. These services can offer valuable emotional support for your employees, and in some cases their family, when they really need it.

Plus, practical help and rehabilitation support with a view to enabling a quicker return to work for some employees if they suffer from a long-term illness, which could mean fewer man hours lost for you.

Not only will offering cover show your employees how much you value them, which can, in turn, improve retention, it can also give you a competitive edge in the marketplace by enabling you to offer a more attractive package to your prospective employees.

Aviva Group Protection. An altogether easier way to take care of your employees and your business.

For more information visit or contact your Financial Adviser.

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Why do you need Group Protection solutions?

The biggest companies can usually draw on the necessary resources to cope when employees need to take time off from work. But absences can really hurt smaller businesses. If you’re in this position, worrying about absence can cause sleepless nights. Our protection goes beyond offering employees financial peace of mind. You’ll find that providing your workforce with a great range of benefits – which go above and beyond a salary – can make you more competitive when it comes to recruiting and retaining staff.

Group Protection benefits for 3-100 employees

You will get access to the following benefits through Aviva Group Protection Online (AGPOL) - available through your Financial Adviser

Faster online quotes

Your Financial Adviser can get or amend a quote online at any time and see the results instantly.

Better pricing online

Online pricing is usually cheaper than offline.

Good value for your business

We offer a three-year rate guarantee on all products, and our Group Life and Group Income Protection also include enhanced Free Cover Limits.

Group Protection benefits for businesses of all sizes

You will get access to the following benefits through your Financial Adviser if you have 3+ employees

  • Greater choice and flexible cover

    Cover your employees and their loved ones if they become ill, suffer an injury or die with our range of protection products – including Group Life, Group Critical Illness and Group Income Protection.

  • Hassle-free

    We offer Master Trust arrangements on Group Life policies. This means you benefit from a simple process to provide your employees with life insurance.

  • Added value services

    Each cover includes a range of added value services* to help support your employees emotionally and physically when they need it most.

  • Experienced SME team

    Your adviser will be dealing with a dedicated SME team who understand the needs of businesses of all sizes.

*All added value services are non-contractual benefits which can be withdrawn by Aviva at any time, without notice.

What solutions do we offer?

Group Life cover

Supports your employees’ loved ones if the worst happens. It also includes added value services* such as bereavement support, which also applies to fellow employees.

Group Income Protection

Pays your employees a regular monthly income if they’re absent from work due to an illness or injury, and their salary decreases. Early intervention and a wide range of wellbeing support available in this cover aims to help you reduce long term sickness absence so your employees can recover and return to work.

Group Critical Illness

Financial support for your employees when they need it most. They’ll receive a tax-free lump sum if they’re diagnosed with a critical illness or undergo an operation that’s defined in the policy. We also automatically cover your employees’ children.

How to apply

If you’d like to take out a policy or you have any questions or queries, please speak to your Financial Adviser. If you don’t have a Financial Adviser you can find one via