Group Life

Making a difference

Please note: This information relates to policies quoted after 28 September 2015.

Group Life shows your employees that you care about them and their families. If there’s ever a need to make a claim, we’ll do everything we can to deal with it sensitively. The scenario below is fictional but shows the support that Group Life can provide when it’s needed most.

Planning ahead

A well-qualified 49-year old man was fortunate enough to receive three offers of employment from different companies. He and his wife compared them carefully. Two companies were marginally closer to their home, but when they considered the working environment, the duties and the basic salary – there was very little else to tell them apart.

However, one employer offered a four times salary Group Life policy on top of the basic benefits package. With three young children, their financial adviser had previously recommended taking out life assurance, but financial commitments had made this difficult.

Having recently lost an aunt, the wife was very aware of the emotional strain involved for anyone suffering from bereavement. The couple agreed this benefit alone outweighed the geographical advantages of the other two.

In this example, having Group Life helped by:

  • Giving the employer a benefit with which to attract quality staff and set themselves apart from the rest
  • Providing reassurance against the unexpected to employees and their families

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