Live smarter with a new approach to wellbeing

We're dedicated to helping people live their best lives by encouraging them to consider their wellbeing in everything they do.

Our Group Life policy gives employees access to a range of wellbeing services to help them do just that. It encourages employees to change their habits by making small, gradual changes to become healthier and happier. And when times are tough, it also offers support services to help employees cope with stress and grief.

The main reason for taking out a Group Life policy is for financial protection. You should not take out a policy for the wellbeing services alone. Find out what our Aviva Group Life policy offers and how it works.

These services are non-contractual benefits Aviva can change or withdraw at any time. This does not apply to Grief Encounter as they are a charity and this service can be used by anyone. They're available to employees who are permanent residents of Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.

Aviva services

Aviva can help make this happen by providing services which support the three pillars of wellbeing – physical, mental and financial:

Physical Wellbeing Services

With Get Active, your insured employees can get discounts at over 3,000 health and fitness clubs, plus great at-home fitness offers and a range of savings on other products and services. It's all designed to help keep them and their families active, healthy and happy.

Mental Wellbeing Services

The mental wellbeing services could help you build a mentally resilient workforce, offering proactive and reactive 3rd party solutions that work together to help you deliver a fully rounded mental health strategy.

Financial Wellbeing Services

Worrying about money can lead to stress. With our financial wellbeing tools your employees can get help with their spending and savings. They can also access discounts and support with getting their legal affairs in order.

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Group Life Video Transcript

Life cover is the one that everyone hopes they won’t need.

Nevertheless, no one would deny the reassurance of the financial benefit and the bereavement support it can give those left behind.

But does it only have to be there for the sad part?


Because at Aviva, we believe that group life cover should support employees in ‘life’

That’s why the wellbeing services available mean there’s a whole other side to our Group Life cover.

A side that doesn’t just wait for, or even depend on death.

Because it’s also there to help employees throughout their lives.

A finger-prick health check to help prevent and detect health issues.

Digital GP consultations give quick access to medical professionals, 7 days a week.

Easy access to mental health support and guidance, from self-help tools to video consultations with a clinical expert.

Discounted legal services, including will-writing and lasting power of attorney, to give employees peace of mind they’ve done their best to prepare for the worst.

On top of gym membership discounts and much more.

At Aviva, we try to help people get the best out of life. And so, with Group Life cover, we’re not just there if life ends.  

Group Life cover.
It takes Aviva.

Wellbeing Services

Aviva DigiCare+ Workplace

Aviva Line Manager Toolkit: Mental Health

Get Active

Bereavement Helpline

Grief Encounter

Stress Helpline

Wellbeing Library

Aviva Cancer Care Support

Aviva Mental Health Guidance

Red Apple Law Legal Services

Wellbeing Training

Why Aviva?

We're a trusted financial services provider with millions of customers, and with years of experience, our services can help businesses create healthier, happier and more productive workforces. We offer a range of wellbeing services to support the needs of your business and employees, helping you improve employee engagement and helping to keep your staff in work.

Who's eligible?

Our wellbeing services are currently available as value added services along side our Group Life policy.

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