Investment options

Our workplace pension gives your employees two main choices over how to invest the money that goes into their pension. They can use our specially designed default investment option, or they can take their pick from our range of over 200 investment funds.

Please remember that the value of employees’ pension pots can go down as well as up, and is not guaranteed. Your employees could get back less than the amount paid in.

For those employees who want the option of investing their money outside of the default fund, we have a range of over 200 investment funds for them to choose from.

These include:

  • Actively managed and passive funds
  • Funds from 30 fund management houses, including many top names in investment management, like Aberdeen, Invesco Perpetual, Jupiter and Schroders.

Your employees can research and select funds on MyAviva

Our easy online management system and wide range of investment options give your employees convenience, choice and control. Once you’ve chosen our workplace pension scheme, it’ll be easy for your employees to manage their investment options – they can make a change at any time with no extra charge through MyAviva, our online hub that lets your employees:

  • View their account and check how their investments are performing
  • Arrange to make changes to their investments at any time
  • Research and make new investments

Case study

Jane is 44 and has £35,000 in her pension pot.

After finding out about ethical funds, she decides she may like to invest in one. However, she is generally not entirely confident with her investment choices.

Jane uses the MyAviva app on her tablet to:

  • Compare and research the possible funds she might invest in by looking at performance charts and fund factsheets.
  • Select an ethical fund that doesn’t invest in companies which cause environmental pollution, that she feels would be the right investment option for her.
  • Move her pension investment from the default option across to the ethical fund through the MyAviva app on her mobile – she isn’t charged for making the change.

She can then monitor her investment and make changes at any time, including moving back to the default investment option.

This case study is fictional and purely for illustrative purposes.

Fund choices for everyone

Our fund range also includes ethical funds and a sharia fund.

How we control our full fund range

Our fund range is subject to high levels of governance and oversight. We regularly monitor all our funds, both external and managed by Aviva to ensure they are meeting the needs of customers. Where we do not feel a fund is meeting these standards, we look to take action which can include removing the fund from our range.

The Aviva workplace pension is also overseen by an independent governance committee (IGC) to ensure that it offers excellent value for money for all scheme members.