BrightPay and API integration

Watch this short demonstration on how to use our API option to submit files directly through BrightPay.

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Aviva offer an API option which will allow you to submit your enrolment file and subsequent contribution files directly from BrightPay into Aviva.

To use the API option, within the Pensions utility, simply select Aviva on the menu bar and select ‘Aviva API Integration’ as your submission method, followed by ‘Save Changes’.

To submit your enrolment file using API, select ‘Enrolment Summary’ and click ‘send enrolment submission’.

Complete each step accordingly and at the prompt, click ‘Send Now’. Enter your Aviva login details to complete the submission process.

Similar to RTI, you will subsequently receive confirmation that Aviva has received your file at the top right of your enrolment summary screen.

Likewise, to submit an Aviva API contributions file each tax month, select Contributions Summary on the menu bar and click ‘Send submission’. Select the tax month that you are submitting for and complete the screens that follow accordingly.

At the prompt, click ‘Send Now’. Ensure your Aviva login details are entered on the next window in order to complete the submission process.

Again, you will receive confirmation back into BrightPay that Aviva has successfully received your contributions information.

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