Your on-going responsibilities

You’ve finished setting up your workplace pension scheme. There are a few tasks you'll need to complete to make sure you're fully up and running - here's what you need to do now. And also what you may need to do in the future.

Let The Pensions Regulator know you’re compliant

You'll need to complete your declaration of compliance wthin five months of your duty start date to make sure The Pensions Regulator knows you have set up a pension scheme.  

After your duty start date, you must keep a record of how you are complying with auto enrolment legislation. You’ll need to keep records about your employees' eligibility and any opt-in and joining notices. You’ll also need to keep records about the pension scheme you are using.

Activate your MyAvivaBusiness account

We’ll send you your login details within a few days of your scheme being set up. Once you receive your login details, you’ll need to activate your MyAvivaBusiness account.

Overview of on-going activities: Your regular monthly tasks

Monthly responsibilities follow a cyclical pattern. First, Complete your workforce assessment, then add new members to the pension scheme, deduct pension contributions from salary and finally make a monthly payment into the pension scheme


If you upload a spreadsheet or enter member information and payments manually, you’ll need to keep doing this through MyAvivaBusiness each month

Using automatic payroll

If you use payroll integration, you’ll need the reference number from MyAvivaBusiness to link your workplace pension scheme with your payroll software. You’ll also need to use MyAvivaBusiness to tell us of any annual changes to your employees’ salaries.

On-going Help & Support

Your MyAvivaBusiness account has a help & support page which contains lots of helpful FAQs for managing your scheme each month and meeting your regulatory requirements.

Re-enrolment For Workplace Pensions

Read our helpful online guide to re-enrolment, as part of the workplace pension auto enrolment legislation.

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Changes to your Company

You need to keep us up to date with your company and scheme administrator's details so we can always get in contact with you.

If you make any changes to your corporate structure, please let us know so we can ensure your scheme is still set up correctly.

FAQs on ongoing responsibilities

If an employee wants to stop contributions can they get a refund?

An employee can stop contributions at any time, you just need to let us know not to expect anymore payments.  However, if their opt out window has passed, they are not entitled to a refund of contributions already paid into the scheme.

When do I need to make payments by?

Your pension contributions are due by the 22nd of the month in respect of which they are due - for employee contributions that's the month they are deducted from salary.  You’ll need to allow 3-5 days for the direct debit to collect once you’ve submitted your payment details to us.

Can I change the certification basis of my scheme?

Yes, you can change your definition of pensionable pay at any time.  You’ll need to let your employees know about the change and we recommend you discuss any changes like this with your financial adviser. Details on your options can be found on our contribution explained page.

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