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After scheme starts

You’ve finished setting up your workplace pension scheme. There are a few tasks you'll need to complete to make sure you're fully up and running - here's what you need to do now.

Let The Pensions Regulator know you’re compliant

You’ll need to complete your declaration of compliance within five months to make sure The Pensions Regulator knows you have set up a pension scheme.

Activate your MyAvivaBusiness account

We’ll send you your login details within a few days of your scheme being set up. Once you receive your login details, you’ll need to activate your MyAvivaBusiness account.

MyAvivaBusiness and AME:LITE

If you upload a spreadsheet or enter member information and payments manually, you’ll need to keep doing this through MyAvivaBusiness each month.

Overview of on-going activities: Your regular monthly tasks

1. Workforce assessment 2. Add new memebers 3. Deduct pension contributions 4. Make a monthly payment. then repeat process

For manual users, your monthly duties will look like this:

Using automatic payroll

If you use payroll integration, you’ll need the reference number from MyAvivaBusiness to link your workplace pension scheme with your payroll software. You’ll also need to use MyAvivaBusiness to tell us of any annual changes to your employees’ salaries.

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