Payroll integration through pensionsync

Payroll integration through pensionsync

With the Aviva workplace pension, you can choose to get a fully-integrated payroll system through pensionsync. That means if your payroll software is compatible with pensionsync, you won’t need to manually export data about your contributions, input new employee information, or go searching for opt out information. In short, it makes your job a whole lot easier.

How it works

Pensionsync works by connecting your payroll software to Aviva, and acts as a pipeline to automatically deliver employee and pension contribution data.

Using a fully-integrated payroll system can help to save time by streamlining your auto enrolment duties. But to make sure you get the best from pensionsync, it’s a good idea to assess your employees directly through your payroll system.

Our workplace pension software works with the following payroll software providers:

Even if your payroll software isn’t compatible with pensionsync, you can still upload data files just as easily via MyAvivaBusiness.

Benefits of pensionsync

  • A streamlined service that could help you save time
  • Provides better data security by removing the need to manually input data
  • Checks data and highlights problems for you to fix immediately
  • Audits made easy – check when data was submitted, and whether it was successful or not
  • Accepts automated direct debits without the need to log in to a separate system to make payments

Aviva is an iconic brand offering a high quality workplace pension to UK employers. They have acknowledged the challenge facing payroll teams and responded with a solution which simplifies automatic enrolment. pensionsync is delighted to be working with Aviva to help reduce the burden of automatic enrolment for the payroll community.


Set up an Aviva workplace pension and use pensionsync in four steps

Step one

Sign up

  • Log in to your integrated payroll software
  • Open the pensionsync module
  • Log in or sign up to pensionsync

Step two

Check your scheme price in less than 10 minutes

  • Click on the Aviva link
  • Select whether you’re an employer or an adviser working on behalf of a client
  • Fill in your details to get a price

Step three

Set up your scheme

  • Complete the scheme details in your payroll software
  • We’ll send you log in credentials for MyAvivaBusiness on or just after the scheme start date
  • Explore our training centre for more information on your auto enrolment responsibilities

Step four

Run your payroll

  • Now you’re all set up, all that’s left to do is to run the payroll seamlessly each pay period. Simple.

Next steps to activate pensionsync

  • Check that your payroll software supports pensionsync.
  • If it does, speak to your payroll provider about opening a pensionsync account.
  • Once you’ve opened a pensionsync account, click on the Aviva link in ‘Get scheme’ to start setting up your Aviva workplace pension scheme.

Download our guide to working with Aviva via pensionsync (PDF 1.3MB)