Aviva Wellbeing

Empowering employees to reach wellbeing goals

What is Aviva Wellbeing?

Aviva Wellbeing is our desktop and mobile app dedicated to helping people live their best lives. Whether your employees want to sleep more, stress less, lose weight, get fit or live healthier, Aviva Wellbeing could help them achieve lifelong change – one easy step at a time.

Aviva Wellbeing is currently available as a value-added service to corporate Private Medical Insurance customers.

Terms and conditions apply, and employees can view these within the Aviva Wellbeing app before they sign up. Mobile data charges may apply. This service is a non-contractual benefit Aviva can withdraw at any time.

Empower your employees

Aviva Wellbeing is a whole of workforce offering that we believe helps employees become happier and healthier.

Power your business

Aviva Wellbeing could lead to increased employee engagement and productivity, and reduced absenteeism.

Provide holistic wellbeing support

Aviva Wellbeing provides your employees with support across the three pillars of wellbeing – physical, mental and financial - meaning it can save you the time and cost of building separate workplace wellbeing initiatives.

What does Aviva Wellbeing offer?

Personalised hints and tips

Your employees can choose from a range of health motivations and receive hints and tips personalised to them.

Syncs with popular apps

Works seamlessly with most popular apps and wearables, so your employees can view their wellbeing data in one place.

Workplace challenges

Your employees can join fun workplace challenges designed for every fitness level, so they can compete against themselves and colleagues.

Individual action plans

Easy-to-follow action plans empower your employees to reach their goals.

Healthy offers and discounts

Whilst using the app your employees can access exciting offers and discounts on a number of health and fitness products and services.

Health-related content and recipes

Employees have access to health-related content and recipes designed to support them on their wellbeing journey.

Want to find out more?

If you have any questions or queries, or want to find out more, please speak to your Aviva Private Medical Insurance Account Manager or contact your Financial Adviser.

If you’re already with us and need help with the Aviva Wellbeing app or registering your account, send us an email at avivawellbeinghelp@aviva.com.

If you’re not already with us but want to explore what we offer, you can request a call back from our dedicated national accounts team.

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