Group private health insurance

How does this policy work?

Here, we’ll give you an overview of the ease with which Optimum can be put into place and how it works in practice. We’re always happy to tell you more about Optimum’s features, and you can read more about the range of benefits on our What can this policy cover? page. Let Optimum start working hard for you. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

Putting Optimum in place

1 – tell us about your business, arrange a meeting…

Call our National Accounts team on 0800 001 4272. We’ll take a few details from you – such as the size of your business, and any current policies that we’ll need to complement – and then arrange a mutually convenient time to talk about Optimum. We can only offer information about our own products.

2 – how Optimum could help your business most…

As with most private health insurance policies, Optimum provides a level of core cover that gives your employees access to prompt, private medical treatment – avoiding NHS waiting lists. We’ve detailed more benefits on the What can this policy cover? page – but we’ll create cover that suits your business’s needs. And for us, one of the biggest differences between our policy and any other provider’s, is the award-winning support that we can provide:

  • Options to provide a range of increased benefits for your employees
  • Services to help you meet your legal obligations, and potentially reduce absenteeism
  • Features that can support your employees and help improve your business’s productivity

Of course, additional benefits mean an increase in premium. We’ve been providing healthcare to businesses for many years so we know how important it can be to contain costs – particularly in recent times. We believe that we can create an excellent private health insurance package that meets your needs and budgets.

We also provide Optimum Access. Find out how we could provide this lower cost alternative that still looks after your employees’ health and wellbeing.

3 – let us add extra benefits to Optimum, at no charge…

Helping your staff get back to work as soon as possible is one of our strengths. Our support services are recognised as providing real value-for-money as they help to keep your business healthy. To do this, we include benefits that can help your staff stay in good mental and physical shape. This can help reduce levels of absenteeism in your business, making a tangible contribution to your bottom line.

We’ll include these benefits with every policy, at no extra charge…

  • Membership discount at selected UK gyms
  • Specialist claims teams for musculoskeletal, oncology and psychiatric cases
  • Our BacktoBetter service, helping employees return to work as soon as possible
  • Our 24 hour GP and stress counselling (available to members aged 16 or over) helplines, offering confidential guidance 365 days a year

Choosing enrolment options to suit your business

We want our policy to help your business, not hinder it. So we offer two types of enrolment to businesses that want to cover more than 250 employees on a policy, both of which are designed to help you administrate the scheme with ease.

  • Recorded Membership logs your employees’ details with us in advance, which means that we can assess claims directly with the individuals – reducing your direct involvement in the claims process.
  • Non-Recorded Membership is the alternative, in which employees must confirm their eligibility to claim under the scheme internally, prior to contacting us.

Supporting Optimum day-to-day

If you choose medical history disregarded (MHD) or choose new moratorium underwriting, we can offer you Healthpoint. This is an online service for Optimum customers, designed specifically to ease the burden of scheme membership administration. You can use it to access membership information, make real-time changes, add or remove members and produce a selection of PDF management reports and scheme-related literature.

  • Save time, by reviewing membership information at your convenience.
  • Improve control, by updating membership details in real time.
  • Enhance accuracy, and help us provide an efficient claims service to your employees.

Selecting a contract

With Optimum you have not only a comprehensive choice of benefits, but also a choice of contract options. Depending on your circumstances, we can offer:

  • Fully Insured. We’ll take the full risk for amounts claimed above the claims fund set for that contract year. The result is that you’ll know exactly what your premium will be – there’s no additional premium payable (except for membership changes), regardless of how your members claim.
  • Cost Plus. We’ll establish a claims fund at the inception of cover with a clear stop loss attachment point. You’ll be liable for claims up to that point, but we’ll accept liability for claims over that amount. If the claim total for the year is lower than the projected claims fund (adjusted for membership changes), we’ll reimburse you the unused claims fund.
  • Healthcare Trust. Our Healthcare Trust arrangements are not insurance contracts, they’re available to significantly larger companies (with 500 or more employees) as a means of funding private medical treatment. You can read more details about the advantages of a Trust on our Healthcare Trust Schemes pages.
  • Corporate Excess. This is a new, insured funding option for Optimum customers, which reduces the amount of insurance premium tax and could potentially benefit a charity of your choice.

Optimum. Effective, flexible, and robust

We think that every large company should have the opportunity to put a value-for-money, flexible and effective policy into place – helping their employees, and helping their business to stay healthy. Find out what’s covered by Optimum and Optimum Access. Contact our National Accounts team, and talk about putting the Optimum policy into place for your business…

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