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Cancer care

Cancer. It's a diagnosis that no one wants. As an illness, it's a challenge that many of us may have to deal with in our lifetime, either directly or indirectly. Understanding how your policy would work and which treatments it could cover is important: for you as the employer, and for your employees – who could be dealing with an illness that changes their life.

Advances in developing treatments for cancer have resulted in new drugs that can target cancerous cells but leave healthy ones alone – these are known as 'targeted therapies'. With Optimum, you can choose which level of targeted therapy you'd like the policy to cover on your employees behalf.

Targeted therapies cover levels

Targeted therapy treatments

Cover level options Targeted therapy cover
Upgrade 2 Extensive cancer cover
Upgrade 1 36 Months
Core benefit standard default 12 Months
Downgrade 1 6 Months
Downgrade 2 0 Months

By selecting the 'Extensive Cancer Cover' option, we'll cover the cost of proven breakthrough cancer therapies for your employees in full, for as long as their specialist says they need them. This means that they will never need to worry about cover 'running out' for targeted therapies. With this level we'll also pay for bone strengthening drugs, such as bisphosphonates, in full when they are being used to treat metastatic bone disease.

Your employees will also receive extensive cover for their aftercare, to make things as comfortable as possible following treatment. This includes rehabilitation and consultations with a dietician, as well as money towards prostheses or wigs if necessary and increased levels of support for end of life care.

The Extensive Cancer Cover option, our highest level of cover, also provides a number of additional benefits. Speak to one of our team to find out more.

… but one type of support and care

No matter what level of cancer cover you select, everybody who makes a claim will benefit from excellent care. We've learned how important it is to provide an efficient claims service, but also to be very aware of the sensitivities involved in cancer care. That's why as soon as one of your employees makes a claim the case will be assigned to a dedicated member of the team. This way, there's one point of contact – a named individual who can get to know your employee and ensure consistency of service. The team members all have training in helping patients deal with different types of cancer, and a number of our staff have a medical background. We'll also do our best to help your employees get prompt treatment, or perhaps hospice care, as appropriate.

Ask us about cancer care

Speak to our National Accounts team about our cancer expertise, and how it can play an important part in providing peace of mind for your employees. Call our National Accounts team on 0800 001 4272.

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