How to help your employees spot scams

How to help your employees spot scams

Fraudsters rarely take a day off, even in the middle of a global pandemic. With fear and confusion over the coronavirus crisis swirling all over the world, many scammers will see it as an opportunity to profit.

There are many useful steps you can take to help your employees protect their money and savings and steer clear of scams.

Spot fraud to stop fraud

For many of us, our pension represents our greatest asset alongside our home. It’s something you work hard for over many years, and the key to an enjoyable life in retirement. That’s why it’s so important to protect it and not to fall for scammers’ tricks.

To help recognise some common phishing and automated text examples, we’ve pulled together this handy guide “Spot fraud to stop fraud” that you can share with your employees.

How to avoid being scammed

You may be physically distanced from your employees at the moment, but you can still help them look out for themselves. 

We have some practical tips you can share with your people to help them spot scams and thwart fraudsters.  Our tips range from how to spot something that’s not quite right and to showing where your employees can report it.

What we’re doing to protect you and your employees from fraud

Just as the scammers never stop, neither do we. Our aim is to protect our customers from fraud as much as possible and it’s a duty we take seriously.

Peter Hazelwood, our Group Financial Crime Risk Director says: “People are more likely to click COVID-19 related phishing messages, given the emotional connection and relevance to it. But doing so could give fraudsters access to your computer or take you to a dangerous website where you’re asked to enter your personal data.”

With that in mind, the best thing your employees can do to protect themselves is to be on their guard and trust their instincts.

The key thing is to not be tempted to go any further if an email, text or phone call feels remotely off. If that happens, your employees should report it and let the financial crime experts do their thing.

Protect your employees and help us stop fraud

So, with all of us at risk from potential fraud, why not share these tips with your employees? It could help them avoid a distressing situation. 

Together, we can stop fraudsters from wreaking havoc with people’s lives. 

Find out more at our fraud hub.

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