Embracing the Age of Ambiguity

Re-invigorating the workforce in a rapidly evolving world

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We are living in an ‘Age of Ambiguity’ that is impacting society and workplaces across the UK. Elements of our lives which were previously certain are overlapping and changing beyond recognition. The concept of ‘work’ itself is becoming increasingly fluid as the world evolves faster than ever before.  

But while the blurring of work-life boundaries has brought welcome flexibility, this increasingly ambiguous environment is also a source of unease and uncertainty. Unpredictable futures are placing a strain on the balance between work and home life; employment and retirement; and the relationship between employers and employees.

Our report examines the knock-on effect on workplace relationships and considers how businesses can best embrace the challenge to maintain engagement with their workforce.  To find out more, download Embracing the Age of Ambiguity now.

What is the Age of Ambiguity?

Paul Wilson, Chief Marketing Officer, Aviva Life, Savings and Retirement explains how the blurring of lines between work and home has accelerated this year and how businesses can embrace this.

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Embracing the Age of Ambiguity report

Download the Age of Ambiguity report by Aviva and find out how to invigorate and support your workforce in an ever-changing world which may seem uncertain.

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