Group Income Protection Insurance

Helping your employees through difficult times

What is Group Income Protection insurance?

With Aviva’s Group Income Protection, we’ll pay you a proportion of your employees regular monthly income, to be passed to them if they’re absent from work due to an illness or injury.

As well as financial support, our Group Income Protection cover aims to help reduce long-term sickness absence. That’s what our early rehabilitation and support services are for – to help your employees focus on their health, recovery and return to work.

What are the benefits?

See how Group Income protection can help promote health and wellbeing among your employees.

For you

  • Promote health and wellbeing in your workplace

    Promoting health and wellbeing in your workplace can help create a healthier, happier workforce. Find out more about our Workplace Wellbeing services, which are offered as part of our Group Income Protection policy.

  • Manage your finances

    Under current UK tax laws, your premiums normally qualify as an allowable business expense.

  • Early intervention support

    We'll proactively manage health issues in your team with the aim of reducing long-term absence in your business.

  • Return-to-work assistance

    We’ll work with you to manage an employee's return to work if they've been absent for a while.

  • Results for your business

    In 2017, 72% of our rehabilitation cases either returned to, or remained at work. So we could help your team when you need it.

For your employees

  • Peace of mind at an uncertain time

    We’ll pay a regular income if your employee is unable to work due to an illness or injury, resulting in a loss of earnings.

  • Financial reassurance

    Group Income Protection isn’t usually treated as a 'benefit in kind', meaning your employees won’t need to pay tax on the premium payable.

  • Dedicated help

    They can get additional support from counsellors and information services via our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).

  • Expert case manager

    We’ll pass their claim to a dedicated case manager who’ll assist in their recovery and return-to-work.

  • A focus on wellbeing

    With our early rehabilitation and support services, we'll put your employees in charge of maintaining their health and wellbeing.

Why choose Aviva’s Group Income Protection insurance?

We’re always here to help you meet the needs of your business.

Tailor your policy

We’ll work with you to choose the right level of cover for your business and your employees.

£199K in successful claims

In 2017, we paid just over £199,000 in Group Income Protection benefits on average to UK employees each day.

Speedy outcomes

From processing claims to getting employees back to work, we resolve matters quickly – and we don't compromise on quality.

Expert assistance

Get access to our rehabilitation and early intervention support to help reduce long-term absence in your business.

How does Group Income Protection insurance work?

Group Income Protection is designed to provide your employees with a monthly income during a long-term absence from work.

Our policy allows you to:

  • Decide the percentage of salary you’d like to offer your employees with this policy
  • Cover up to 80% of your employees’ gross taxable earnings – up to a maximum of £425,000
  • Decide when your employees’ benefit payments start and end up to the maximum cease age available.
  • Pay income benefit direct to former employees through our Pay Direct product
  • Offer a free cover limit up to a maximum of £150,000. (Any benefits below this level don't usually require medical underwriting)
  • Offer Group Income Protection as part of your flexible employee benefits package
  • Give your employees access to expert early intervention and clinical rehabilitation support services

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

As an additional benefit, we'll give your employees access to the following support, provided by Care first, when they need it.

  • 24/7 counselling helpline
  • Up to eight face-to-face counselling sessions if clinically appropriate
  • Online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) course available following a telephone assessment and online chat counselling via Care First Lifestyle
  • Line Manager support with access to Care First Lifestyle
  • Information and advice available Monday to Friday 8am - 8pm
  • Access to the Employee Assistance App (EAP) called In Your Pocket (IYP)
  • Access to Stress Free Island – a digital prevention tool offering techniques to manage stress and anxiety. (Speak to your financial adviser to get your unique access code)

The Employee Assistance Programme, provided by Care first, is a non-contractual benefit that can be withdrawn by Aviva at any time, without notice.

How to apply for Group Income Protection

Please speak to your financial adviser or Aviva Group account manager if you would like to apply for Group Income Protection. Or get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

Making a claim

It's easy to make a claim on a Group Income Protection policy. Here's what you'll need to do:

Tell us about an employee's absence

Notify us if an employee is off sick for four weeks or more. We’ll then assign a case manager to your claim

We'll contact the employee

The case manager will speak to your employee about their absence. Depending on the reason, they’ll arrange a meeting with our clinicians.

Case manager recommendations

The case manager may recommend intervention or rehabilitation such as physio or workplace adjustments to help an employee return to work.

We'll make a decision

They’ll then carry out a financial and medical assessment of the employee – including any additional information we may need. Once done, they’ll make a decision about the claim and share it with you.

Still need some help?

If you have any questions or queries about Group Income Protection, simply call us on

0800 145 5684

Our lines are open Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm.

For joint protection, we may record and/or monitor calls.

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