Getting help from a business adviser

If you’d like some help with auto-enrolment, a business adviser may be a good call. Please remember that if you do get support from a third party, you – the employer – are still responsible for complying with the auto-enrolment regulations.

You will usually be charged for the services you receive from a business adviser.

Types of business adviser and how they may help you

A financial adviser

Financial advisers can recommend a suitable auto-enrolment pension scheme for your business, and discuss the investment options offered your staff. They can also advise you on some of the decisions you have to make.

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An accountant or bookkeeper

Some accountants and bookkeepers can provide information about dealing with auto-enrolment. They may help with the ongoing payroll work involved, and some will even run your scheme for you. Depending on what services they offer, some may also help you to choose a pension provider.

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A payroll bureau

A payroll bureau is an organisation you can outsource your payroll to. Services vary from bureau to bureau, but typically they will do the various payroll tasks involved in auto-enrolment for you.

For example, they may assess your workforce, deal with any employees who opt out, provide a file to send to your pension provider (so they can enrol employees in your scheme and collect the correct pension contribution amounts), and so on.

But can a business adviser run an Aviva pension scheme for me?

Yes, a business adviser can run an Aviva Workplace Pension scheme on your behalf.

Whether you’re setting up an Aviva company pension scheme yourself or sitting down with your adviser to do it, all you have to do is nominate them as your scheme administrator when you apply online.

Your adviser can then be responsible for the day to day running of your scheme (such as sending information to us each month), and we’ll write to them as the main point of correspondence.

If this is what you want to do, please remember to speak to your business adviser first.

You may also wish to direct them to our support for business advisers section, which is full of information and tools to help them help you.

Please remember that you are still accountable under the auto-enrolment legislation for making sure that you have done what you must do. This does not change if you ask a business adviser to do certain things on your behalf.