What your scheme members can expect from the Aviva Master Trust

Simple, seamless service for employees

Aviva and the Trustee Directors understand that members value a simple, consistent and seamless service – and they're completely dedicated to providing just that.

We begin by explaining to members how the Aviva Master Trust scheme works, helping them to understand their pension and the options that they have. One crucial part of our approach is for members to stay in control – we carefully explain how we manage their pension, providing members with as much support as they need along the way.

Aviva's Master Trust aims to improve the experience for our members by:

  • Providing simple and transparent member communications
  • Reducing end-to-end times for actions and enquiries
  • Making important issues clear from the start, so they save enquiry time
  • First-point resolution — no need to go ‘from pillar to post’
  • Treating vulnerable customers appropriately and with respect
  • Providing support through various channels at all stages of the member journey
  • Offering tailored support based on a member’s choices for funding their retirement

We're also working on ways to help members get closer to their pensions through the use of direct marketing. We're also making it easier for them to interact with their pension through the online My Aviva service.

Clear, effective and relevant member communications

The Trustee Directors and Aviva share a mutual commitment: to interact with members in a way which is both clear and informative, in line with Aviva’s vision of easy, accurate and timely communication. Their strategy is to make it easy for members to engage with their pensions and form a deeper understanding of the importance of retirement planning.

This is achieved through a comprehensive communications strategy, delivered across multiple channels, including:

Financial education

A dedicated team hosts webinars and events targeted to members at specific life stages.  These include 'Mid Life MOT' and 'Retirement My Way' sessions, which provide targeted support on managing wealth, work and wellbeing. 

Timely campaigns

Engagement and financial campaigns can be triggered by specific events — such as the end of the tax year — as well as age milestones. An example of this is a segmented campaign to scheme members due to receive a pay rise, encouraging them to take a pension ‘fitness’ check.

Nudge communications

Reminding members of outstanding administrative tasks — such as nominating a beneficiary or opting to go paperless — can nudge them into actions leading to enriched outcomes and increased engagement with their pension.

Data segmentation

Our customer segmentation model places every Aviva customer into one of seven lifestyle segments. We apply this at an employer level and develop specific engagement programmes tailored to an employer’s membership profile. Campaigns can be segmented according to income and other personal attributes such as by age group.

Digital engagement

The MyWorkplace online service, and its smartphone app, allow members to check and make changes to their pensions quickly and easily online. They can also use online tools such as Aviva’s Retirement Forecaster and Shape My Future to get an idea of whether they’re on target for the lifestyle they wish to enjoy in retirement.

Further enhancement in future

The Trustee Directors are determined to build on the strengths of these member communications. Ad-hoc research, focus groups and regular feedback from members — both proactive and via surveys — will continue to inform a communications strategy which prioritises the scheme members’ interests at the heart of every innovation. The Trustee Directors have set up a Member Experience and Communications Committee to oversee and monitor this activity.

Flexible options that put members first

Naturally employers need to be sure that a Trust-based pension, like any other, offers its members the investment options and retirement choices that they’re looking for.

Members can choose from a range of different ‘pension freedoms’ options to fund their retirement— including taking a tax-free lump sum from their pension from age 55* — and/or begin taking income as and when they may need it (flexi-access drawdown), leaving the rest invested. Crucially, they can do this without switching from the Aviva Master Trust plan to another scheme, and without any increase in charges. 

*From 6 April 2028 this will be age 57 unless the member has a protected pension age. To find out more visit aviva.co.uk/nmpa.

Supporting vulnerable customers

Aviva’s customer service providers are trained to serve the needs of members with vulnerabilities including mental and physical health issues, disabilities and language barriers. Importantly, they’re also equipped to help people troubled by money worries or debt.

Aviva takes on board feedback and insight to further improve member journeys, so we can continue serving vulnerable customers appropriately and respectfully. 

Making pensions more accessible through online platforms

An intuitive online platform puts pension details at members’ fingertips, wherever they may be, 24 hours a day.

Accessible through the internet or via a smartphone app, the platform empowers members to view and update details, check pension values and even carry out transactions. But this isn’t all — it also provides easy access to financial education material and guidance, as well as useful online tools to check that they’re on schedule to achieve the kind of retirement they wish for.

How Aviva provides support: online, offline, workplace, face-to-face

Supporting members through a variety of channels is more important than ever, now that remote working has become so much more prevalent. Aviva communicates important information and support through:

  • Engaging digital content, including videos and webinars
  • Timely and relevant material to remind members of available choices and keep them engaged with their pensions
  • Impactful workplace-based materials
  • Targeted events, both online and onsite, closely matched to the needs and priorities of members at different life stages

Business perspectives

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