Is AME:Lite right for me?

Is AME: Lite right for me?

For employers who can’t complete auto enrolment tasks through either their payroll or other software, we provide AME:Lite. AME:Lite is software we provide that’s able to complete some of your auto enrolment tasks for you. However, there are some things such as assessing different staff members at different times and using different sets of contribution data that AME: Lite won’t be able to do.

Before you begin

  • If you have already decided to use AME:Lite and have access to AME:Lite practise go to AME:Lite training
  • If your payroll software is capable of performing auto enrolment tasks, it’s best to use this as it will help your pension scheme to run more smoothly.
  • If you only have a few employees, you may want to contact us on 0800 092 9951 to see if AME:Lite is right for you.

You can only use AME:Lite if your scheme starts within six weeks of your duties start date. (Your duties start date is the day your first member of staff joined the company – you cannot change this date.) This is because the letters that AME:Lite generates need to be issued to your employees within that timeframe.

You also need to meet the following criteria:

  • You only operate one payroll frequency (such as only paid weekly or paid monthly).
  • You are setting the same minimum contribution levels for all staff and basing these on the same pensionable pay definition (for example, using Qualifying Earnings and 2% contributions for all employees).
  • If you’re using a postponement period, it’s being applied to all of your employees.

What will AME:Lite do for me?

Auto enrolment Manager for Employers (AME:Lite) is software that can help you to

  • assess your workforce
  • create relevant auto enrolment letters
  • keep records of what you’ve done
  • produce the files you need to let us know about new members and generally run your scheme.

Payroll data is fed into AME:Lite via a .csv file that you (or your payroll provider) must create, but we can show you how to manually upload these files and pieces of information. The Pensions Regulator may ask you for auto enrolment reports, which can be produced by AME:Lite.

When can I use AME:Lite?

You can only use AME:Lite if your scheme starts within six weeks of your duties start date. AME:Lite won’t be suitable for you if you’re more than six weeks past this date, or your scheme starts in the future. This is because AME:Lite generates letters that need to be issued to your employees within the six-week period. These letters allow the opt out window to open when you auto-enrol your employees. Your workplace pension scheme won’t be compliant if they aren’t sent within this timeframe.

The necessary compliance checks will not be carried out at the correct time if you are setting up AME:Lite more than six weeks after your duties start date. For this reason, it can’t be used under these circumstances.

What’s next?

Request an access to AME:Lite practice system to complete your training

We recommend you get familiar with how AME:Lite works by having a go with our practice version. It works exactly like the live system, but you can correct any incorrect information and start again.

Once you have requested access, we will send you your password and a link to the AME:Lite practice system within 3 working days.

You’ll find this in the email we sent you after your scheme was set up

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