Working with payroll and other software

Understand the different ways you can send information about your employees to Aviva, and set up a system that works with your chosen payroll provider.

Understanding the options for how our workplace pension works with your payroll

There are a number of options, depending on the type of payroll software you use. Or, you may not have payroll software and need to set up your pension scheme in a different way.

  • Some types of payroll are ‘integrated’ with Aviva’s pension scheme. This means you can sychronise the software to automatically send information about which employees need to be auto enrolled and how much they want to contribute to their pension.
  • If your payroll software doesn’t support integration, you can still make your administration easier if you are using a payroll system that is compatible with Aviva.
  • If you don’t use payroll software, or it isn’t compatible then you can enter information manually

Common payroll related questions

What details do I need to setup the pension up on my payroll system?

Different providers will require different information in order to set up pension deductions from your payroll. We have found that the below topics are the most common questions you’ll need to answer. If you need additional information from us to set your payroll up please call us to discuss.

Type of Pension Scheme: Group Personal Pension (GPP)

Method of pension payment deduction: Relief at source (deduct after tax)

Scheme reference: This will be your scheme number (TKxxxxx)

Scheme name: This will be your company name

Is it a Qualifying scheme: Yes, the Aviva pension scheme is a qualifying scheme for auto enrolment

Are qualifying earnings being used / Pensionable pay definition: You as the employer will need to make this decision. Aviva will accept pension contributions deducted on any basis, we do not restrict your ability to make your own definition of pensionable pay.

Minimum contribution level: This will be determined by the certification option you as the employer have chosen. Aviva does not apply a minimum contribution level.

Can I deduct my employee pension contributions using a Net Pay Arrangement?

No. As a relief at source scheme, Aviva receives personal contributions at their net value, and then claims basic rate tax relief on them. We cannot accept employee contributions that have been deducted before tax from their gross pay.

I use SAGE payroll, which Aviva pension report do I need?

You’ll need SAGE to set you up with the Aviva – ESZ report. This is the file format that is compatible with your online billing portal.

Do the payments automatically come from my bank?

No. You will have already provided your bank details when you applied, but we still need you to tell us each month what needs to be collected by direct debit. Once a successful payment instruction has been received we’ll then debit the amount from your bank account within 3-5 working days.

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