What is auto-enrolment?

The government has introduced new pension legislation for businesses. Under the rules, employers have to automatically enrol eligible workers into a company pension scheme, if they aren’t already in one.

Is my company affected?

Yes. Auto-enrolment affects all employers with staff in the UK. You’ll need to enrol certain staff into a qualifying company pension scheme, make contributions to their pension fund, and perform other duties, too.

You need to start performing these duties from what’s known as your ‘staging date’, although there is an option to postpone some duties by up to three months.

How long will it take to get ready?

At least six months, in most cases. Some larger employers may find it can take even longer.

You’ll need to prepare as early as possible to give yourselves enough time to review and update your pension scheme, processes and systems.

If you leave it too late, we may not be able to help you get ready in time.

What happens if we’re not ready in time?

The Pensions Regulator can take severe enforcement action. To give you an idea, businesses with over 50 employees could face fines of around £75,000 a month (based on an escalating daily rate of £2,500). You can find out more on the Pensions Regulator’s website.

Visit the Pensions Regulator’s website

Won’t Aviva do all the work?

Unfortunately not. Most of the decisions and actions involved in getting ready for auto-enrolment can only be performed by you, the employer.

Use our step-by-step guide

To help you get your business ready in time, we’ve created a simple step-by-step guide. It’s designed for businesses who already have an Aviva pension scheme. If you don’t have a pension scheme, visit aviva.co.uk/foryourbusiness

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