Information on your health insurance cover in light of the COVID-19 pandemic

Throughout the pandemic, we remained focused on helping your employees get access to the medical support they needed.

However, there were times when it was more difficult to access private treatment. This was the case particularly during the first phase of the pandemic where private facilities supported the NHS in the national effort to combat COVID-19.

During the pandemic, some treatment was delayed and some was cancelled. We expected the period of lower claims to be broadly offset by the period of higher claims.

We now know PMI claims to Aviva have been lower than planned over this entire period. This means we will be returning the difference between expected claims costs and actual claims costs to UK PMI policyholders as we pledged.

Our COVID-19 pledge

Please read our updated COVID-19 pledge.

As you extended the pledge period, are you paying interest on top of the pledge payment?

Are you bringing forward the payment to avoid paying the 20% goodwill enhancement?

How do I know you are not profiting from the COVID-19 situation?

Is it possible you may need another Covid pledge period if there is more disruption?

When do you expect to make the pledge payment?

Who will you pay the pledge payment to if the policyholder has died?

I pay by cheque every year but would like the pledge payment sent by a different method. Is that possible?

How have you calculated the overall Covid pledge payment?

How have you calculated my Covid pledge payment?

How will it affect P11D?

Are you paying the pledge payment at a group level or on individual level for an SME policy? If at group level, will you give us guidance on how you will split the payment?

Are you guaranteeing a minimum payment?

Can I choose for you to make the payment to a nominated charity?

Will this have an impact on future renewal increases?

What if I no longer have a policy with Aviva?

My premium reduced at renewal. Am I still eligible for the Covid pledge payment?

Will I still get a pledge payment if I made a claim or I am about to make a claim?

When will I find out about my pledge payment?

Why has it taken so long for you to make the pledge payment?

Different areas of the country saw different disruption levels during the pandemic. Will you take this into consideration?

What would Aviva's position be in the event of further restrictions?

Does this set a future precedent should a different type of event means our employees are unable to access the private services and facilities offered through Aviva policies?

Will you make the payment by scheme, member or lives?

Are you paying this for all policies, like car and home insurance?

Policy cover and benefits

Does the policy cover vaccinations and vaccination side effects?

Do I still need to be tested for COVID-19 if I need treatment, and if so, what cover is there?

What's not covered?

What if COVID-19 exacerbates an underlying condition?

If I’m having care for COVID-19 at a private hospital under the NHS hospital, can I still claim NHS cash benefit?

Would my policy cover me for any treatment abroad?

What should I do if I am considering cancelling my policy?

Accessing treatment

If I’m admitted to a private hospital suffering from COVID-19, will I be admitted as an NHS patient?

Will you help me find a specialist who can see me face to face?

I am facing delays with my claim. Can you help me find an alternative specialist or hospital?

If you offer me an alternative specialist, will I have to start my claim again from the beginning?

I’m feeling stressed about this situation – can I speak to someone?

Will you pay for my PCR test if my child is admitted to hospital?

What are private medical insurance waiting times like now?

I have a claim in progress. Am I still covered?

Premiums and payments

Do I still need to pay my premiums?

I’m concerned I might become ill and be unable to contact you. If this happens and my policy is automatically renewed, can I contact you later to cancel it?

What would happen if my employer cancels my private health insurance? Is there any way to keep my cover?

I am being made redundant. Can I continue my private medical insurance policy as an individual?

How to get further help

If you still have questions after reading these FAQs, please contact your financial adviser if you have one, or if not call us on 0800 051 1530.

Lines are open 8.30 am to 6.00 pm, Monday to Friday. We may monitor and/or record calls to and from Aviva.

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