Our products and hospital lists

Better products, more choices

We're committed to offering our customers the best possible levels of service. Our current range of products are modular propositions offering a range of benefits and a specific hospital list that's dependent on the customer's choice: Healthier Solutions (individual private health insurance) Solutions (company-paid policies covering up to 250 lives) Optimum (company-paid policies covering 250+ lives).

Hospital list options

When our customers buy a policy, they choose a specified number of hospitals in which they would like to receive eligible treatment. We group these hospitals and define them by 'hospital list'. Unless an alternative has been chosen, your patient will have access to our Key hospital list. Alternative hospital lists are known as: Extended, Trust, Fair & Square and Signature (in Scotland and Northern Ireland only). The patient should let you know which hospital list applies at the time of admission.

If patients refer to our old range of policies, it may be useful to know the product names and which hospital lists apply:

  • Personal Care = Key hospital list
  • Express Care = Extended hospital list
  • Fair & Square = Fair & Square hospital list
  • Hospital Plus = Fair & Square, and 'Hospital Plus' hospital list
  • Trustcare = Trust hospital list