Meet our Aviva Expert: Lorna Whalley

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Hi, I’m Lorna Whalley, Head of Retail Proposition and Change at Aviva.

Most of us have seen our bills go up in recent months. Your car insurance may have gone up as well, due to the cost of car parts and repairs also increasing.

Car insurance is a legal requirement. But there are some things you can do to make sure you’re not paying more than you need to.

If you’re a relatively new driver, insurance can be a big expense, but if you’re confident you’re a safe driver, one way to bring the cost down is a telematics insurance policy. These policies will come with an app or smart device that fits inside your car and monitors your driving, rewarding safe drivers with a discount to their premium.

You could also consider a multi-car policy. If you have more than one car at your address, then insuring them all under one policy could save you money, as some insurers will offer a discount for each additional car you add.

Select the right level of cover for your needs. Higher levels of cover give you more protection but at a higher premium. The lower levels will be cheaper, but make sure they’re covering everything you need.

Be sure to check your renewal. If you’ve been with your insurer a while, check that your details are still up to date, otherwise you might miss the chance to save valuable pounds. For example, if you’re doing fewer miles than you used to then update your policy to reflect this.

It’s also worth double checking who’s insured on your car. If your teenager who had some lessons in your car is now 20 with a car of their own, but still a named driver on your policy, then removing them may lower your premium.

And finally, please don’t cancel your insurance. If you’re struggling to pay your premium, get in touch with us. We might be able to help.

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Lorna Whalley – Head of Retail Propositions and Change

Lorna’s job means understanding what customers want, then designing and creating our insurance products so they’re right for them.

Three things (well, four) Lorna couldn’t live without:

  • A long run on a Sunday morning (“The ultimate thinking time”)
  • Morning coffee(s) (“To kick-start the day”)
  • A good book (“To help me switch off at the end of the day”)

“…and, of course, the love and support I get from my family.”

If you’re having trouble paying for insurance, please don’t cancel it if you’re still using the vehicle. Driving without insurance could earn you a fine of £5,000 and 8 penalty points on your licence, and if the case goes to court you could get disqualified from driving. If you’re involved in an accident when uninsured, you’ll be personally responsible for all the costs.

Customers must take care not to input false details on their policy, as this may cause problems in the event of a claim and could be considered fraudulent.