Meet our Aviva Expert: Nisha Soni

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Hi. I'm Nisha. I'm head of Direct for General Insurance at Aviva.

Finding ways to save money is something we should all be doing all the time.

When belts are being tightened, it’s important not to see cover as an extra unnecessary cost. 

Going without insurance could leave you in serious financial hardship should something go wrong, and in some cases it's even illegal.

So here are some ways to make sure you have cover in place that’s right for you:

1. Don’t double up. If you’re paying for separate contents insurance for the family academic in halls or taking out travel insurance when your bank already offers it or if you’ve been asked to take out insurance when buying new things such as a sofa, carpet or phone, check your home and contents policy as they might already be included. It’s a chore but glancing over the small print could save you a lot of money.

2. If you’ve changed how much you drive or where you keep your car, it’s worth letting your insurance company know. Small details like this could change how much you pay.

3. Choosing a higher excess amount, the amount you have to pay your insurer if you make a claim, can often lower your how much you pay. But make sure it’s an amount you can afford should you need your car or your home back to normal. An excess can only be waived in very limited circumstances.

4. Finally, if times are hard financially right now and you can’t afford payments, don’t just cancel insurance. You never know when you might need that all important health, life or critical illness cover. 

Let us know. We know the difference proper cover makes to people’s lives when they need it most. So we'll try our best to work out a plan so you stay protected.

Nisha Soni – Head of Direct at Aviva

Nisha’s a customer-focused insurance expert. Her job’s all about making decisions with her teams, keeping customers at the heart of any changes made.

Three things Nisha couldn’t live without:

  • Her hand-held Dyson vacuum cleaner
  • Her weekly logistics planner and calendar
  • Coffee!