Help! We're all living together again

Meet our Aviva Expert: Kofi Eschoe-Wilson

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Hi. I'm Kofi Eschoe-Wilson. I work with Aviva customers on a daily basis and I also live in a multigenerational household.

Families coming together to live under a single roof is becoming normal, and for good reason. 

Not only does it make financial sense to share household bills, you’ll get companionship and support of those closest to you.

1. Agreeing on how much everyone will contribute to bills, and mortgage payments if there is one, will save arguments later on. And don't forget food. We found it was the single biggest expense for multi-generational families. 

2. Same goes for cooking and cleaning. You might also want to discuss house rules like not playing loud music at night, having guests round or not smoking in the house. 

3. You’ll hopefully all be saving money but if there’s an expectation to save a certain amount or if there’s a time limit on how long you’re willing to share your space, have that chat to make sure everyone knows the plan.

4. If you’re adapting the family home like converting a garage or creating a downstairs bathroom, agree who’s paying for these and if you need to get planning permission.

5. You're sharing your home, but what about your car, or theirs? Adding a second named driver to your car can sometimes make your insurance cost less, so you might get a bit of a refund.

And finally enjoy the companionship and support living with family brings. 

Two-fifths of parents living with adult relatives told us their whole family is happy living together and one parent in eight feels it would be ‘ideal’ if their child was never to leave home.

Kofi Eschoe-Wilson – Customer Champion

Kofi’s job is all about understanding customers and what they need – giving them a voice. To help with this he also draws on his past experience of living in a multi-generational household and as a carer to elderly relatives.

Three things Kofi couldn’t live without:

  • The gym
  • His coat (“I’m always cold”)
  • Music (“Because there’s a song for every occasion!”)