Claiming for storm damage

Tree on a destroyed house rooftop

Broken tiles, fallen trees and water damage can all take the wind out of your sails. Take a deep breath, our straightforward claims process can help restore calm.

By Tom Pilkington

How to claim

If Mother Nature does its worst and you need to make a claim for storm damage, the fastest way to do it is by tapping into MyAviva. You’ll be able to log your claim and find out all the important bits, such as your excess and level of cover. We may even be able to give you an instant decision online. There’s no need to call us, we’ll get in touch if we need more details.

What storm damage can I claim for?

To claim on your home insurance you’ll need to let us know exactly what has happened to your property.

Typical damage to property following a storm can include:

  • Tiles or slates dislodged or missing
  • Entire felt roofs lifted off
  • Ridge or hip tiles missing or dislodged
  • Damage caused by fallen trees
  • Water damage inside your home

Be sure to check your policy wording as there are some things that we don’t cover, like damage to fences, hedges and gates.

Also not covered is damage which is longstanding or due to maintenance issues, such as:

  • Cement or mortar deterioration on brickwork and chimneys
  • Failed render on the building exterior
  • Gradual deterioration to any part of the roof or building
  • Aged flat roofs

Getting a repair quote

To help you get back to normal as quickly as possible, we may ask you to get a quote from a local tradesperson to repair the damage.

If you can’t get a repair quote, or if your property isn’t safe and secure, get in touch. We’ll help you as fast as we can.

When looking for help:

  • Avoid cold callers
  • Look for recommended or established traders
  • Don’t pay anything upfront
  • Check if the builder offers warranties on the work
  • Get at least two quotes for comparison, if possible
  • Be alert to scams. Independent flood or loss assessors may get in touch with you and offer to manage your claim on your behalf, but many charge a fee, which could be taken from your insurance settlement

Any quote you get will need to include a full breakdown of the works needed and be supported by photos of the damage.

Once you have your quote you can upload it with your claim via MyAviva or at a later date via a link that we'll provide to you.

As well as any damage to buildings, make sure you list any belongings that have been damaged by the storm inside or outside your home, along with supporting photos (hopefully you won’t need to take too many). It’s best to hold onto those belongings and not throw them away, as it may be needed to help progress your claim.

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