Meet the electric drivers: Adriaan

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We’ve all got to make changes and everybody’s got to make a little difference.

When we bought the house we had solar panels put on to help bring the energy bills down and generate ten times more electricity than I’m using.

The next step is charge the electric car. I definitely save money. 50 kilowatts costs me 55 pence per kilowatt to charge if I want to fast charge it, but it’s definitely worthwhile charging it from home because you’re paying between 5 and 12 pence per kilowatt.

There’s two apps that I use; one is for the solar panels, the second one setting the car up to charge. Once it’s all set up, you just plug and play.

If you’re thinking of getting an electric vehicle, see if you can test drive one to see if it fits with your journey. Going back to petrol or diesel car or have an electric and a petrol or diesel. Because the electric is really nice to use for the shorter journeys, if suddenly I have to immediately get somewhere and the car isn’t charged, you just get in your other car.

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