Meet the electric drivers: Dan

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We originally bought it because the price of fuel was going up just too drastically.

For us, we don’t do a huge amount of long-distance driving, for the range that we’ve got which is 90 miles, that is plenty to go back and forth to work a few times, drive around the city to do your bits and bobs.

One of the things we had to take into consideration when buying an electric car is that we can’t install a home charger on our property because we rent, but fortunately we’ve got a granny charger for our car.

Essentially, it’s a three pin so I can plug it into a normal socket inside the house and it allows me to be able to charge from outside my window because we’ve got a driveway outside of our house, which actually saves a huge amount on our fuel.

Secondhand buying is an interesting experience, you definitely need to do your research online.

We spent countless hours just understanding the differences between all the vehicles. You get the option with electric cars that you can lease the battery from the retailer, which basically means that if anything goes wrong with your battery, they just change it out. So we pay a monthly fee, it depends on the level of miles you’re doing. Not too much of a price to pay.

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