Meet the electric drivers: Estee and Jason

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The electric car that we drive is extremely easy to drive, it’s a really lovely experience.

We’ve still got a lot of family in the midlands, so we go into Birmingham a lot.

The only thing that you have to do is you have to obviously plan your route and you have to know where the charging stations are.

A lot of these stations have got lots of good facilities.

When the cars charging the children aren’t going to get bored. You can go inside and get yourself a coffee, get something to eat.

I think they see it as a benefit because we would’ve travelled without any stops and obviously lots of the time children do want to stop. So I think it’s more of a benefit because they think, ‘oh great, mum and dad are going to stop now, because we’ve got an electric car we need to charge’.

One piece of critical advice I would give is to do your research on the car, the apps, the phones, where the chargers are, get yourself sorted out with your charger in your house.

Once you’ve done that, it’s ideal. I would never go back to a conventional diesel or petrol, because it’s so easy.

Plug it in, charge and you go.

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