Floods, storms and extreme weather

Protect your home, belongings and help stay safe when the weather gets wild

Protect against floods

Find out if you're at risk, how to stop water getting in and how watertight insurance could help wave goodbye to damage.

Storms and strong winds

From anchoring the trampoline to making a claim – we can help before, during and after a storm.

Winter weather

Snow, rain, ice, your in-laws visiting – winter is coming. We can’t help with family drama, but some prep can stop burst pipes, broken boilers and leaking roofs from ruining the season.

Extreme heat

Subsidence, cracked tiles, garden fires – extreme heat can play havoc with your home. With hot summers set to stay, find out how to help your home keep its cool.

A sustainable future

The climate crisis is one of the greatest threats to our future, but what does it mean for your home? Here’s what to expect, and how to lessen our impact on the planet.

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