Pet insurance

Frequently asked questions

Is dental treatment covered?

Fees for dental treatment required as a result of an injury are covered by our pet insurance up to your policy limit for vets fees. We'll also cover fees up to this limit for dental treatment to relieve suffering due to illness provided the pet has been insured under the policy for at least 2 years, there is a history of regular routine dental check-ups and there has been no previous dental treatment required

We won't cover routine treatments such as cleaning or descaling of teeth, or the cost of any dentistry which is not related to an illness or injury (including, but not limited to, cosmetic dentistry or treatment for under/overshot jaws).

For more information about what you are covered for, and the excess and contribution which applies, please visit our Pet Insurance page.

What are the different levels of cover available with Aviva Pet Insurance?

Our pet insurance is available in three different levels of cover: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

For further information, please visit our Pet Insurance page.


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