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Heart disease and health insurance

Heart disease may be more common than you think.

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The benefits of acupuncture

Could acupuncture help with your headaches, migraines, joint pain or neck pain?

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Long COVID: is it really the right diagnosis?

The symptoms of long COVID are wide-ranging, how do you know when it isn’t long COVID and when you might need support for something else? Find out more here.

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Adjusting to life after lockdown

As we move past the peak of the pandemic, life is beginning to resemble what it used to be. Can we simply pick up where we left off? Find out more here.

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All about the menopause

The menopause is when a person stops having periods and can’t get pregnant naturally anymore. Find out more about the causes and when it starts here.

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Reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes is a serious condition that causes your blood sugar levels to climb too high. Find out more on how to prevent type 2 diabetes here.

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Lowering your blood pressure

Simple ways to help lower your blood pressure and protect yourself from serious illness.

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Handling seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

Most cases of SAD happen in the winter, but it's possible to have symptoms in the summer months.

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How to keep your teeth healthy

Learn how to keep your teeth looking and feeling great by following our simple steps to ensure you’re brushing them correctly. Find out more here.

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How to take care of your eyes

Find out how to prevent sight loss through diet, eye protection and regular check ups

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